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Planika Prime Fire bio fireplace is ideal for private homes and creates a unique atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Available Kharkov, Kiev, all Ukraine.

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Planika Prime Fire bio-fireplace is ideal for private homes and creates a unique atmosphere of warmth and comfort, at the same time possessing all the advanced safety technologies of Planika products. This model is certified by TUVRheinland, the fireplace is designed in accordance with the highest safety standards.

The basis for the creation of the Prime Fire model is based on the constant recommendations of Planika, aimed at convenience, safety and cost-effectiveness in the operation of its product. Using its many years of experience in the production of bio-fireplaces, acquired knowledge and patented technologies of steam combustion, Planika presents the latest automatic bio-fireplaces Prime Fire, as an alternative to fireplaces with manual ignition. This is the only bio-fireplace in its class, which has the characteristics of automatic fireplaces, the cost of manual fireplaces, quality and safety, confirmed by the Planika brand. Now customers with a small budget can afford a bio-toilet with a linear pattern, with automatic control, at a manual price. The Prime Fire bio-fireplace can be installed in a small area.

Specialists of "workshop of Pechnikov" will provide professional advice on the choice of installation site, will carry out all the necessary installation on site efficiently and on time.

Features of bio fireplace Planika Prime Fire:

Color: matte black

Fuel tank capacity: 2.5 l,

Power Supply: 220V,

Heat output: 2.5 -3.9 kW,

Burning time: 3.5-4.5 hours Gorenje;

Two levels of flame height: 1st-standard, 2nd - ECO;

Weight: 13 kg;

Recommended room size: 20 m2;

Material: steel coated with heat resistant black powder paint;

Patented BEV technology;

No ventilation grille required (built-in coolers cooling the unit during operation);

Safety sensors: fuel spill control sensor, temperature sensor ;

intelligent control system;

Child-lock (child protection lock);

Silent and fast ignition with ceramic heater;

Planika Prime Fire bio-fireplace from "Stove-makers Workshop" is available for sale in Kharkiv, Kiev and all over Ukraine.

Tech characteristics:

Country of manufacture
Rated Power
4000.0 (W)
Fuel Type
Fireplace Lining Material
Fire chamber material
Fireplace Weight
13.0 (kg)
Warranty period
24 (months)

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