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Description of suspended bio-fireplace Art.001 TM

The market for bio-fireplaces has become more diverse thanks to the new model. The novelty will find its place in every interior, it will also be the centerpiece of any home. Fuel block, pipe and ellipsoid body-components this model.

  • the Suspension part of the model is made in the shape of an ellipse.

  • thanks to a unique system, the fireplace rotates 360 degrees.

  • the Metal from which the bio-fireplace is made is processed in a special way to improve adhesion and resistance to high temperatures. After processing, the product is covered with black paint with a high heat resistance in two layers. This method of painting allows you to achieve a high-quality coating and a dense color. The bio-fireplace is resistant to high temperatures, external factors and retains its perfect appearance when prolonged operation.

  • the Fuel block is placed inside the housing, where the fuel is burned.Gorenje

  • the fireplace has a screen made of polished steel. When the flame is reflected from the steel, it creates a feeling of volumetric Gorenje, as in a real wood-burning fireplace.

  • Ellipse with a diameter of 100 cm or 120 cm

Suspended bio-fireplace Pipe

  • the Diameter of the metal 4 mm vertical pipe is 220 mm. its height is determined at the design stage of the bio-fireplace.

  • the Surface is covered with paint with high temperature resistance in several layers. Quality the coating is resistant to external factors and retains its original appearance even after long-term use.

  • Anchors to the ceiling.

  • If there is a need, the top part of the pipe can be integrated into the vent channel to remove excess heat.

Fuel block for suspended bio-fireplace

  • the material of manufacture is high-quality corrosion-resistant 2-6 mm steel.

  • Inside Alaid Style 300 Fuel block fuel block filled with fibers made from ceramics. Thanks to their absorbent properties, the the duration of Gorenje and maximum safety is achieved, since fuel leakage is excluded.

  • The presence of a flame extinguisher gives it is possible to extinguish the fireplace at any time, and the fuel remains inside the fuel block.

Tech characteristics:

Gloss Fire
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24 (months)

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