Recassed Bio Fireplace Focus MS-art.007


Buy a recassed biofireplace hearth Focus MS-art.007 from the Gloss Fire manufacturer. Delivery, installation from The Stove-Makers Workshop Kyiv Sumy Kharkiv and all over Ukraine.

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    Steel, metal
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    Gloss Fire


To buy Focus MS-art.007
consultation, delivery, installation
Kyiv Sumy Kharkiv and all over Ukraine

Manufacturer: Gloss Fire

An excellent decision for addition of interior of a living room is a model row of hearths Focus MS from Gloss Fire manufacturer. The hearth Focus MS-art.007 - angular, setting of both mechanical and automatic biofireplaces is possible in the hearth. A hearth can be made on an individual project, with placing black decorative glass on a backplane, and a decorative scope (steel, from the painted metal, multi-layered and volume).

To buy a recassed biofireplace Gloss Fire Focus MS-art.007 at the manufacturer's price. Consultation, development of the project, delivery, setting of biofireplaces from the Stove-Makers Workshop in Kyiv Sumy Kharkiv and all the Ukraine.

Description of the recassed biofireplace Focus MS-art.007

The cost of construction of Focus MS-art.007 determined coming from length of corps (from 600 to 2300 mm), kind and amount of the built biofireplaces, presence of facial scope and decorative glass.

  • A double-walled thermo-insulation corps, decorative glass, fastening of glass - is component parts of the hearth.

  • Non-load-bearing constructions are not heated too much due to a double-walled thermo-insulation corps.

  • An increase framework made out of durable metal counteracts to deformation of corps.

  • Space between two walls of corps is filled by heat-resistant material.

  • A hearth is covered by the layer of fireplace heat-resistant black paint of high quality.

  • A niche for the built biofireplace is located in the lower panel of the hearth.

  • Construction is whole, delivered in the kind prepared for editing. Only enough to place in the intended place.

  • Decorative glass can be seted both inwardly and outside of corps, it performs the protective duty.

  • The steel fastening for glass is not liable to corrosion.

A double-walled heat-insulating corps, glass and fastening, is included in the indicated cost of complete set. For a corps it is possible to pick up different biofireplaces.

Correlation of length of hearth and of biofireplace

Length of hearth, mm Length of the built biofire-place, mm
Mechanical Automatic
600 300; 400 -
700 300; 400; 500 -
800 500; 600 -
900 600; 700 -
1000 600; 700, 750 mах 800
1100 700; 750; 800; 900 mах 900
1200 700; 750; 800; 900; 1000 mах 1000
1300 700; 750; 800; 900; 1000 mах 1100
1400 700; 750; 800; 900; 1000, 1200 mах 1200
1500 700; 750; 800; 900; 1000, 1200 mах 1300
1600 900; 1000, 1200 mах 1400
1700 900; 1000, 1200 mах 1500
1800 900; 1000, 1200 mах 1600
1900 800-2pcs; 1000, 1200 mах 1700
2000 900-2pcs; 1000, 1200 mах 1800
2100 900-2pcs; 1000, 1200 mах 1900
2200 1000; 1000 - 2pcs, 1200 mах 2000
2300 1000; 1000 - 2pcs, 1200 mах 2100

To buy Focus MS-art.007
consultation, delivery, installation
Kyiv Sumy Kharkiv and all over Ukraine
on ☏ +380 (95) 903-35-05

Tech characteristics:

Lengs, mm
600 - 2300
Dipth, mm
230, 330, 360
Height, mm
400, 500, 550
metal, stainless steel INOX
Warranty period
24 (months)
Country manufacturer

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