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Buy outdoor bio-fireplace Edison with consultation, delivery, installation and maintenance. Kiev, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Ukraine. Bio-fireplaces Glossfire from the Stove-Makers Workshop at the price of

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The company "Stove-Makers Workshop" offers to buy the whole range of services in consulting and training project choosing the necessary equipment providers, sales and delivery of outdoor bio fireplaces Gloss Fire series Edison, the installation all equipment and product from the buyer. Buy at manufacturer's prices. Manufacturer's warranty for bio-fireplaces Gloss Fire - two years from the date of installation. Installation and installation of bio-fireplaces in Kharkiv, Kiev, Dnipro, Poltava and throughout Ukraine.

Price for Edison bio-wall fireplace

the Cost of a free-standing mobile fireplace from the manufacturer Gloss Fire depends on the following factors:

Type of burner. Depending on which type of fuel block was selected, the cost of the product is added. If you want to buy a high-quality product at a low price, Choose models of bio-fireplaces-fuel blocks of the line Alaid Style. If the priority is an exclusive approach, be prepared to pay a higher price.

Shape and size of the external case. On our website you can order square, rectangular, corner and round floor bio-fireplaces. In the description of individual models you will find options for housing sizes: choosing the dimensions in the specified range, You can order the best option for your premises, to stand-alone corner, round or rectangular eco-fireplace. The longer and more voluminous the case, the higher price of the finished product.

Design of external surfaces. Depending on whether they are painted black or colored, polished to a Shine or decorated in another way, the cost of a floor bio-fireplace will be formed.

Series bio-fireplace Cost, UAH.
Edison - m1 from 40,160 to 56,480
Edison - m2 from 43,160 to 59,480
Edison - m3 from 59,160 to 71,480
Edison - m4 from 55,160 to 67,480

Description of Edison floor bio-fireplace

Outdoor bio-fireplace will find its place in any interior. Made of high-quality metal, painted paint with high temperature resistance. In the case is a bio-fireplace that reproduces a pleasant, soft flame.     "Stove-Makers Workshop" will consult and select the necessary equipment, delivery, installation and mounting of the bio-fireplace at the Customer. We will deliver to Kharkiv, Kiev, Dnipro, Zaporozhye and throughout Ukraine.

  • It consists of a decorative housing, a fuel block and a transparent glass that performs the function of protection.

  • Due to the reinforced metal frame, the body is not deformed.

  • Parts of the fireplace, namely the body and side elements are painted with heat-resistant paint. A special way of applying it it provides a perfect dense coating, bright color, wear resistance and resistance to long-term operation.

  • Decorative glass located on vertical mounts and performing a protective function is included in the kit.

  • Heat-Resistant glass of German production is not afraid of overheating and splitting. Thickness 4 mm, height 100 mm. A method of processing the ends – euroedge.

  • The glass Holders are made of full-bodied, corrosion-resistant steel.

  • The fuel block used in the fireplace is made of high-quality steel 2-8 mm thick, resistant to corrosion. Equipped with an offset refueling point that allows you to quickly fill the fuel; an internal device that reproduces pleasant yellow flame; flame extinguisher, with which to extinguish the fireplace at any time is not difficult, and the biofuel will remain inside the TB.

  • the bio-Fireplace will correspond exactly to the pre-approved drawings.

* the Fireplace can be made according to an individual project.
* The housing can be equipped with both mechanical and automatic fuel blocks.
* The fireplace can be painted in any color on the RAL scale.

Buy outdoor bio-fireplace Edison with consultation, delivery, installation and maintenance. Kiev, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Ukraine. Glossfire bio-fireplaces from The workshop of stoves. Producer Price.

Tech characteristics:

Outdoor bio-fireplace Edison m1 m2 m3 m4
Gloss Fire
Country of origin
Warranty period
24 (months)

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