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Buy a bio fireplace from the Stove-Makers Workshop model Gloss Fire Marapi bio fireplaces 600 750 1000 in Kharkiv Kyiv Dnipro Ukraine delivery installation at the manufacturer's price.

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To buy a bio fireplace Gloss Fire Marapi at the manufacturer's price. Delivery, installation in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya and all Ukraine.

To buy the mechanical bio fireplace of Gloss Fire model Marapiat at the manufacturer's price. Delivery, editing, consultation and all necessary services from Stove-Makers Workshop in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnepr, Poltava and all Ukraine.

The "Stove-Makers Workshop" offers the next models of biofire-places of Gloss Fire Marapi:

 Model Size, mm   Fire, mm V, liter  Heat radiation, Watt  Weight, kg  Price, UAH
Marapi 600 600 х 250 х 77 463 2,4 3000 20,3 17 220
Marapi 750 750 х 250 х 77 613 3,2 3500 25,1 19 620
Marapi 1000 1000 х 250 х 77 863 4,3 4500 33,3 22 070

Description of mechanical bio fireplace Gloss Fire Marapi

Besides standard possibilities, the construction of full-functional fuel block is complemented by an ergonomics bolt. This function allows to use a bio fireplace both in summer and in spring-autumn periods, that very comfortably. At the increase of temperature in an apartment, only enough to bring down flame and continue to use a bio fireplace. The model Marapi can be used as an insertion in different portals from a stone and marble, in metallic constructions. This device is not heating.

  • A fireplace is executed from quality steel a 2-8 mm, whach is not liable corrosion.

  • An ergonomics bolt gives an opportunity to regulate the expense of biopropellant, height of flame, heat emission and intensity of burning.

  • An outward corps protects a biofireplace from an overheat. A corps is painted in two layers of heat-resistant black paint, executes the functions of defence and decor.

  • An internal corps is equipped by an internal device and antiflowing system.

  • Distribution of biopropellant in an internal device is even, that prevents effervescence. Burning does not come in a biofire-place true, and the pairs of oil-fuel are burned, that provides his safe exploitation.

  • A facial panel is made from high-quality steel in a 6 mm thick, eliminates deformation of metal.

  • A fireplace contains ceramic absorbent fibres that hold ethanol. Fibres eliminate the loss of fuel, cottons and flashes.

  • External and internal parts of fire-place are polished on a modern equipment, that gives a construction a blameless kind.

  • A Bio fireplace is protected from outward influence by means of heatproof net from quality stainless steel of not liable corrosion. Due to the ceramic fibes flame is pleasant and bright yellow.

  • Due to steel fair arrester thickness of that a 8 mm, extinguishing a fire-place is possible at any time, here a fuel remains inwardly. Because fair arrester is out of fuel block, his temperature does not rise, it in turn minimizes a smell at extinguishing. It has decorative original appearance.

To buy the biofireplace Gloss Fire Marapi at the manufacturer's prices. Manufacturer's warranty on the bio fireplaces of Gloss Fire - is two years from the moment of setting. Setting and editing of bio fireplaces in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Dnepr, Poltava and on all Ukraine.

Tech characteristics:

Lengs, mm
600, 750, 1000
Width, mm
Height, mm
stainless steel INOX
Weight, kg
20,3 - 33,3
Warranty period
24 (months)
Country manufacturer

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