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To buy a biofireplace Gloss Fire Slider at the manufacturer's price. Consultation, delivery, installation from The Stove-Makers Workshop Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Ukraine.

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    type of fuel
    bio fuel


    Bio fireplaces
    Gloss Fire


To buy a biofireplace Gloss Fire Slider at the manufacturer's price. Consultation, delivery, installation from The Stove-Makers Workshop Kyiv, Kharkiv, Sumy, Ukraine.

These biofireplaces advantageously differ from other models the maximally convenient system of extinguishing, stylish finishing and very tall quality. The comfort of his use consists in a presence the unique new system of motion and extinguishing, working on principle "slider". The flame looks the same as in the real wood fireplace. The model Slider ideally will complement any interior.

Description of biofireplace Slider

  • Modern unique design.

  • Fairly bright flame reminding the real wood fireplace.

  • This model can be built-in in different surfaces.

  • The protracted use does not influence on external and functional descriptions.

  • Very convenient system of extinguishing - it is enough to pull at for a lever and fire arrester will close a nozzle and flame will go out.

  • The biofireplace executed from steel and glass, steady to influence high temperatures.

  • A principle of the biofireplace - combustion of steams of bioethanol works on that.

  • The special development allows to decrease to the minimum smell during extinguishing of flame.

  • An impermeable double-walled construction is equipped by a thermal insulator.

  • An internal device allows evenly to distribute a fuel along a fuel block. The loss of fuel, boiling, cottons and flashes, is not frightful a fireplace.

  • The conveniet jellied opening assists the rapid priming.

  • A surface is painted by the heat-resistant fireplace black paint.

The Stove-Makers Workshop offers the next models of biofire-place of Slider glass

 Model Size, mm   Fire, mm V, liter  Heat radiation, Watt  Weight, kg  Price, UAH
Slider 600 600 х 280 х 159 400 2,4 2400 27 26 750
Slider 700 700 х 280 х 159 500 2,8 2800 31 29 050
Slider 800 800 х 280 х 159 600 3,2 3200 35 31 350
Slider 900 900 х 280 х 159 700 3,6 3600 39 34 650
Slider 1000 1000 х 280 х 159 800 4,0 4000 43 37 950

To buy a biofireplace Gloss Fire Slider at the manufacturer's price. Manufacturer's warranty on the biofire-places of Gloss Fire - is two years from the moment of setting.

Consultation, delivery, quality setting from The Stove-Makers Workshop Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Ukraine.

Tech characteristics:

Lengs, mm
600, 700, 800,900, 1000
Width, mm
Height, mm
Weight, kg
Warranty period
24 (months)
Country manufacturer

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