Recassed Bio Fireplace Focus MS-art.011


Buy a recassed biofireplace hearth Focus MS-art.011 from the Gloss Fire manufacturer. Delivery, installation from The Stove-Makers Workshop Kyiv Kharkiv and all over Ukraine.

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    Steel, metal
    2 years


    Gloss Fire


To buy Focus MS-art.011
consultation, delivery, installation
Kyiv Kharkiv all over Ukraine

Manufacturer: Gloss Fire

To buy the built biofireplace Gloss Fire Hearth of Focus MS-art.011 at the moderate price. Consultation, delivery, setting of biofireplaces of Gloss Fire from the Stove-Makers Workshop inKyiv, Kharkiv and all over Ukraine.

There is possibility to make the built biofireplaces Focus MS from a Gloss Fire manufacturer on an individual project, choosing both external registration and inwardly filling (biofireplaces) in accordance with preferences and financial possibilities.

Description of the built biofireplace Hearth Focus MS-art.011

The cost of hearth of Focus MS-art.011 depends on length of corps (from a 600 mm), kind and amount of the built biofireplaces, presences of facial scope and decorative glass.

  • Composition of the good: double-walled thermo-insulation corps, decorative glass, fastening of glass.

  • Increase framework made out of durable metal additionally supports a construction, due to whatever a corps becomes deformed.

  • An interwall space of hearth is filled by heat-resistant material that protects non-load-bearing constructions from the strong heating.

  • The surface of the hearth is covered by the quality fireplace heat-resistant black paint.

  • In the lower panel of hearth there is a niche for setting of biofireplaces.

  • Construction whole, delivered in the kind prepared for editing.

  • Decorative glass can be set in different variants - one or two, into a fireplace or at an external edge.

  • Fastening for glass is made out of stainless steel.

A double-walled heat-insulating corps, glass and fastening, is included in the indicated cost of complete set. For a corps it is possible to pick up both mechanical and automatic biofireplaces.

Correlation of length of hearth and of biofireplace

Length of hearth, mm Length of the built biofireplace, mm
Mechanical Automatic
600 300; 400 -
700 300; 400; 500 -
800 500; 600 -
900 600; 700 -
1000 600; 700, 750 mах 800
1100 700; 750; 800; 900 mах 900
1200 700; 750; 800; 900; 1000 mах 1000
1300 700; 750; 800; 900; 1000 mах 1100
1400 700; 750; 800; 900; 1000, 1200 mах 1200
1500 700; 750; 800; 900; 1000, 1200 mах 1300
1600 900; 1000, 1200 mах 1400

To buy Focus MS-art.011
consultation, delivery, installation
Kyiv Kharkiv and all over Ukraine
on ☏ +380 (95) 903-35-05

Tech characteristics:

Lengs, mm
from 600
Dipth, mm
230, 330, 360
Height, mm
from 600
metal, stainless steel INOX
Warranty period
24 (months)
Country manufacturer

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