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Full range of services from the Stove-Makers Workshop: buy bio-fireplace Gloss Fire Alaid Style K bio fireplaces 300 400 500 600 700 in Kharkiv Kyiv Dnipro Ukraine delivery installation at the manufacturer price!

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The company "Stove-Makers Workshop" offers the full range of necessary services for consultation and preparation of the project, selection of the most suitable model of automatic bio-fireplace, delivery of Gloss Fire bio-fireplaces, installation of all the equipment and biofireplace for the buyer. Buy at manufacturer prices. Manufacturer's warranty for bio-fireplaces Gloss Fire - two years from the date of installation.

Installation of bio-fireplaces in Kharkov, Kiev, Dnipro, Poltava and throughout Ukraine.

Mechanical fuel blocks

A fuel block for a bio-fireplace is the main element of a bio-fireplace, where bioethanol vapor and an aesthetic rich yellow flame are burned. Made of heat resistant steel   4-8mm thick   filled with fiber ceramics. It can be equipped with glass shields, an external case, a stand.

A mechanical fuel block for a biofireplace is distinguished by its ability to control and regulate the intensity of work.   In the fuel block for a biofireplace, in order to extinguish the flame, a flame arrester is used. This is a separate part.   Fuel block designs for a biofireplace, which is made of a thick sheet of full-body heat-resistant steel.   When you want the fuel block to stop working, you cover the compartment with the fire extinguisher where the live fire comes from.

The company "Stove-Makers Workshop" offers the following Gloss Fire Alaid K bio-fireplaces models at manufacturer's prices:

 Model Size, mm   Fire, mm V, liter  Heat radiation, Watt  Price, UAH
Alaid 300 K 350 х 188 х 73 187 0,7 1500 12 700
Alaid 400 K 450 х 188 х 73 287 1,0 2000 14 980
Alaid 500 K 550 х 188 х 73 387 1,3 2500 17 060
Alaid 600 K 650 х 188 х 73 487 1,6 3000 19 340
Alaid 700 K 750 х 188 х 73 587 1,9 3500 21 620

Description of the Alaid Style K bio fireplace

The fuel block, created as an insert into the portals of stone and marble,   as well as walls and niches of fireproof materials. Biofireplace is able to recreate a living flame   up to 20 cm tall, while leaving fuel inside the unit.

  • For the manufacture of this biofireplace, heat-resistant stainless steel of high quality 2-8 mm thick was used.

  • The case is covered with several layers of black heat-resistant fireplace paint.

  • Due to the internal compartment, the fuel does not boil.

  • The front panel has a high-quality finish and is not subject to deformation due to the use of steel 6 mm thick.

  • The fueling location is offset, which is very convenient. You only need to unscrew the cover,   insert a funnel and pour fuel to a certain level.

  • The fireplace is filled with ceramic absorbent fibers, which retains ethanol. Due to these   fuel leaks, pops and flashes of a fireplace are not terrible to fibers.

  • The biofireplace is protected from external influences by using a heat-resistant mesh made of high-quality   stainless steel not subject to corrosion. Because of working with ceramic fiber, the flame has a pleasant and bright yellow color.

  • You can extinguish the fireplace at any time, the fuel will remain inside the unit. The smell of extinction is minimal,   due to the fact that the flame arrester is located outside the fuel block.

  • The decoration has an impeccable appearance, as the external and internal parts of the fireplace are sanded with modern equipment.

 Buy a biofireplace at manufacturer's prices. The manufacturer’s warranty for Gloss Fire bio-fireplaces is two years from the date of installation.   Installation of bio-fireplaces in Kharkov, Kiev, Dnipro, Poltava and all of the Ukraine.

Tech characteristics:

Gloss Fire
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24 (months)

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