Designer fireplace Jc Bordelet ALEXIA 995


Jc Bordelet ALEXIA 995 - central floor fireplace with the bent glass. Warranty delivery installation from The Stove-Makers Workshop Kyiv Kharkiv Poltava Ukraine

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    JC Bordelet


To buy fireplace Jc Bordelet ALEXIA 995
Kyiv Kharkiv Poltava Ukraine

Fireplaces of Jc Bordelet

Jc Bordelet is a company of world level, that offers the wide assortment of original innovative models of fire-places, that will become the sparkle of any interior.

Fireplaces of Jc Bordelet are a not simple choice, because models with the powder-like painting accessible in six colors, and in the lacquered variant - at choice client 180 colors of classic palette of RAL. There are models of central location in an assortment, wall-mounted and angular, with glazing or with an open hearth. With a company Bordelet your fireplace will be such, what you will want.

Description of fireplace Jc Bordelet ALEXIA 995

Jc Bordelet ALEXIA 995 is the closed fireplace with the bent heat-resistant glass, expected for an apartment in high no less than a 2,5 m. Such variant of fireplace will suit for spacious apartments. Glazing consists of 4 bent дверец from ceramic glass, two from that extensible and two fixed. The surface of fireplace is painted in a mat-black color, and an inside is covered by a paint steady to the high temperatures. A designer fireplace ALEXIA 995 is this combination of original design, quality execution, stylish decision for Your house.

Variants of color: anthracite, chocolate, metallic chocolate, saturated black, metallic black, platinum or with the double lacquered coverage of casing.

Additions for the fireplace ALEXIA 995:

  • Additional pipe of lite-gray or anthracite colors for a height a more than 2,5 m
  • Additional lacquered pipe for a height a more than 2,5 m
  • Decorative plate on ceiling
  • Fastening for a central fireplace to ceiling
  • Fastening for a flue is length of pipe : a 2,5 m at most
  • Increase of height of base (20 cm at most)
  • Base with bricks as at the model of Eva 992 (Ø117)
  • Furnace-bar grate (spare detail)
  • Ash-pit (spare detail)
  • Fixed glass
  • Extensible glass
  • Reducer

Price with necessary additions it is possible to specify in our manager.

Specialists of "The Stove-Makers Workshop" will consult, will do operative delivery on all territory of Ukraine, qualitatively will execute setting of Jc Bordelet fireplaces.

To buy fireplace Jc Bordelet  ALEXIA 995 with guarantee. Price, reviews, descriptions.

Delivery, setting from the Stove-Makers Workshop
on ☏ +380 (95) 903-35-05 Kyiv Kharkiv PoltavaUkraine

Tech characteristics:

Jс Bordelet
Country of origin
Rated power
11,0 kW
80,2 %
Fuel type
Solid fuels
Firebox material
Furnace type
The shape of the glass furnace
Cylindrical glass
The mode of operation of the furnace
Long burning
Camera dual combustion
The air intake into the furnace
external environment
Connection to the chimney
60 months

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