Fuel for bio fireplaces Kratki 1l


Fuel for bio-fireplaces Kratki always sale in Kharkov in the "Stove-makers Workshop" at a low price in Ukraine

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The fuel For Kratki bio-fireplaces is an ecological source of energy.

Completely burns without odor or smoke. Fuel combustion products: water vapor and carbon dioxide in amounts similar to the air exhaled by a person. Therefore, completely safe for health. Kratki fuel has been tested and approved for use at Poland's National Institute of health.

Fuel for bio-fireplaces Kratki is always sold in Kharkov in the "Workshop of stove makers" at a low price.

1 liter of Kratki biofuel burns for 1-5 hours-depending on the size of the burner and the flame. It is an efficient and relatively cheap energy source. Within a few minutes after using it, you can feel the temperature increase in the room. An additional advantage of biofuels is the lack of soot or ash that occur when burning in a traditional fireplace. 

Package volume 1-liter. Favorable price in Kharkov, Ukraine.

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Fuel for bio-fireplaces

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