Fireplace facing Markam Crystal


Facing fireplaces Markam marble portal "Crystal" is designed in classic light beige marble Crema Marfile. For sale in Kharkov, Kiev, Ukraine.

€ 2,480


    Crema Marfil, Emperador dark


Fireplace facing Markam marble portal "Crystal" is designed in classic light beige marble Crema Marfile, as well as using brown stone Emperador Dark. The surface of the stone has characteristic veins.  A design solution with clear geometric faces will be a unique highlight of your home.

The Markam company is the young producer of marble portals in the Ukrainian market. In the production of the brand uses only high quality natural stone. On account of the company a large number of stylish and original solutions that will appeal to many buyers.

Turning to the shop "Workshop of stoves", you will receive expert advice and assistance in the selection of cladding material for your home. For sale in Kharkov, Kiev, Ukraine.

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