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Buy steel fireplace KOBOK Dumbier LD
Wide selection of options Kyiv Kharkiv Zaporizhzhya Ukraine

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Buy steel fireplace
KOBOK Dumbier LD

Kyiv Kharkiv Zaporizhzhya Ukraine

The Slovak company KOBOK produces the fireplaces of different power and size cerouss. They are intended for incineration of wood and arboreal preforms for heating of dwellings apartments. The fireplaces are the alternative source of heat with high efficiency of combustion and can heat the apartments of large area.

Description of the fireplace KOBOK Dumbier LD

The fireplace KOBOK Dumbier LD is the heating with prismatic glass with the lateral opening of door.

  • A fireplace is made from high-quality heat-resistant steel, his surface is covered by an ecofriendly black paint.

  • The system of blowing of heat-resistant glass purges him from soot.

  • A necessary height can be set by means of the managed legs.

  • The stream of primary and secondary air is controlled by the shutter located under doors.

  • A combustion chamber is laid out by a refractory, that provides reliability and duration of the use of fire-place.

The indicated price is a cost of base acquisition of the fireplace and low-limit of door. A fireplace can be made with different sizes and set of options.

Fireplace models of KOBOK Dumbier LD

nominal, kW
diametr, mm
Weight, kg
670 510 10 180 190
780 570 11 200 215

KOBOK Dumbier LD fireplace inserts can be additionally equipped with optional accessories: ZO - subzero basis, APT - additional heat-intensive heat exchange rings, DP - convection casing-heat exchanger, VOP - external ash pan, as well as segment lining made of chamotte of various colors SO, dark segment lining SOT, light lining SOS, black SOC, vertical black lining made of chamotte VSC. 

Buy steel fireplace KOBOK Dumbier LD with warranty.

Delivery, installation of fireplaces from the Stove-Makers Workshop
on ☏ +380 (95) 903-35-05 Kyiv Kharkiv Zaporizhzhya Ukraine

Tech characteristics:

Country of origin
Rated power
10.0-11.0 (kW)
Type of fuel
Types of solid fuels
Firebox material
Steel, Chamotte / thermal Concrete
Type of firebox
Traditional furnace
Firebox type
Method of opening the firebox door
lateral opening
The shape of the glass furnace
prismatic glass
Number of panes in the door
1, 2 (option)
Glass cleaning system
blowing the glass with a stream of air
Mode of operation of the furnace
Long-term Gorenje
Water circuit
Water heat exchanger (optional)
Dual combustion chamber
Air intake to the furnace
from the external environment
Connection to the chimney
190.0-215.0 (kg)
Warranty period
84 (months)

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