Buy fireplace insert KOBOK Chopok LVD guillotine Kiev Ukraine


Buy fireplace KOBOK Chopok LVD Kiev Ukraine vertical guillotine from Slovakia

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    In Ukraine, "Nova Poshta"


    235 - 605 (kg)


    Steel, Chamotte




Buy steel fireplace from Slovakia

KOBOK "Chopok" L VD 
Kiev, Ukraine 

Slovak fireplace manufacturer KOBOK produces steel firebox fireplaces, tiled fireplaces and modern finishing materials of high quality since 1993, maintaining a high level of technological innovation and European standards of product quality.

KOBOK fireplace L VD with a vertical door lift mechanism significantly expands the range of fireplace inserts of the "L" series. The vertical opening mechanism of the "Guillotine" type of door allows you to realize the impressive dimensions of the portal in width from 620 to 1770 mm and in height from 450 to 630 mm. The model also offers fireplaces of different rated power, from 8 to an impressive 20 kW of thermal energy. In General, the Chopok L series has an excellent price / quality ratio, is highly popular throughout Europe, and meets the highest customer requirements. Excellent quality, classic design, impressive performance and reliability, low price.

KOBOK fireplace inserts are made of high-quality heat-resistant steel and are covered with water-based paint. The furnace chamber has a lining made of refractory material-chamotte, which provides thermal inertia and high reliability of products.

The product map shows the price of the basic configuration of the fireplace insert and the minimum size of the door. The price of the model you are interested in with the necessary set of options and the size of the door-please check with the Manager.

Fireplace Models KOBOK L VD, Chopok Collection

Power nom.,
Diam. chimney,
620 450
8 180 235
670 9 180 254
740 10 180 260
800 11 180 285
850 11 200 305
970 12 200 345
1070 13 200 370
14 225 400
15 225 435
16 225 470
17 300 505
18 300 540
19 300 570
1770 450
20 300 605

Chopok l VD fireplace inserts can be additionally equipped with optional accessories: TV - additional water heat exchanger, APT - additional heat-intensive heat exchange rings, DP - convection shell-heat exchanger, VOP - external ash pan, as well as segment lining made of chamotte in various colors SO, dark segment lining SOT, light lining SOS, black SOC, vertical black lining made of chamotte VSC, double and "modern" glazing of the door. 

"Stove-Makers Workshop": Buy a steel fireplace from Slovakia with delivery, installation and warranty at ☏ +380 (95) 903-35-05
Kiev Ukraine

Tech characteristics:

Country of origin
Rated power
8.0- 20.0 (kW)
Type of fuel
Types of solid fuels
Firebox material
Steel, Chamotte / thermal Concrete
Type of firebox
Traditional stove
Firebox type
Method of opening the firebox door
Opening to the left
The shape of the glass furnace
Traditional, front-facing
Number of panes in the door
1, 2 (optional)
Glass cleaning system
Blowing the glass with a stream of air
Mode of operation of the furnace
Long-term burning
Water circuit
Water heat exchanger (optional)
Dual combustion chamber
Air intake to the furnace
From the external environment
Connection to the chimney
235.0 - 605.0(kg)
Warranty period
84 (months)

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