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Buy fireplace Kharkiv-Brunner 51/55 Kompakt Kamin-Steel fireplace insert from Germany-Dnipro Kiev Ukraine-10 years warranty delivery installation installation-cast iron smoke collector-weight 181 kg-8 kW

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    Brunner Germany


Brunner Ukraine modern luxury wood-burning fireplace from Germany

Buy a fireplace in Kharkiv
Brunner Kompakt Kamin 51/55
Consultation delivery installation 10 years warranty;
Kharkiv Kiev Dnipro Ukraine

Universal modern classic fireplace from Brunner company from Germany - the founder of the industry. The steel firebox is protected fireclay slabs. The fireplace is equipped with a universal cast-iron smoke collector. A large door with an overview self-cleaning thermal glass opens to the side.

Design: Brunner designed the air supply to the combustion chamber in such a way that the air entering the furnace passes in front of the glass as top and bottom and creates protection from soot and dust settling on the glass. Structurally, the air is supplied very close to the glass and provides 100% protection against contamination.

Chimney: the draft of the chimney depends on the diameter, height and shape. When selecting a firebox, you need to calculate the draft of your chimney and select the corresponding model. If the draft in the chimney does not correspond to the parameters of the furnace, the glass will become dirty during operation. In the case of negative pressure, the gorenje air supply will not be sufficient and the intensity of the blowing of the glass will not allow to ensure the full protection against contamination.

Buy Fireplace firebox Ukraine Brunner 51/55 Kompakt Kamin warranty delivery installation installation Kiev Kharkiv.
To order ☏ +38 095 903-35-05

The air intended for blowing the glass will immediately burn and not protect the glass. The draft in the chimney can be increase with the help of the deflector (unfortunately, it adds traction only in the wind). Wood moisture, quantity and operation: The quality and quantity of fuel also has a great influence on the cleanliness of the glass. The main condition is the use of dry wood with a humidity of no more than 20% (12 months of natural drying). If the temperature in the combustion chamber is too low, the gases condense onto the cold glass along with the soot.

Optimum gorenje temperature can be maintained with the help of the automatic air supply system EAS/EOS, which is supplied separately. This system guarantees the optimal operation of the fireplace and will help avoid many mistakes and also save fuel consumption. Brunner-knows and fulfills the client's wishes.
Closed fireplace insert Brunner 51/55 Kompakt-Kamin on wood made in Germany. Buy in the salon "Workshop of stoves".

"Stove-Makers Workshop": Buy a fireplace in Kharkiv with delivery, installation and warranty at ☏ +380 (95) 903-35-05 Kharkiv Dnipro Zaporozhye Ukraine

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Country of origin
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Fuel type
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Firebox material
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a Traditional furnace
Furnace type
The method of opening the furnace door
Lift up
Glass cleaning system
glass blower air flow
The mode of operation of the furnace
Long burning
The air intake into the furnace
external environment
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