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Brunner Ukraine: Buy fireplace insert Brunner 51/55 Kompakt Kamin Easy Lift Kharkiv: 10 years warranty: Delivery installation installation Kiev Kharkiv

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Brunner Ukraine modern luxury wood-burning fireplace from Germany

Buy a fireplace in Kharkiv
Brunner KK 51/55 Easy Lift
Delivery installation warranty 10 years;
Kharkiv Kiev Dnipro Ukraine

Official representative of Brunner in Ukraine

The employees of the team "Workshop of stoves" are high-class specialists who have been working in the field of manufacturing and installation of fireplaces and stoves for more than a decade and have work experience in this field, obtained from older generations. We are the official representatives of the German company for the production of steel fireplace inserts and stoves premium class BRUNNER Ukraine, which occupies a leading position in quality in the European Union.

Brunner Easy Lift - silent and easy lifting of the fireplace door.

When opening the door, it initially deviates from the frame and then slides up. When closing, the door slides down and at the very end moves towards the frame, it fits snugly to it, excluding unnecessary air suction. Self-cleaning systems and cooling by the air flow of the fireplace glass provide the buyer with a wonderful the type of natural flame and the safe use of the fireplace in the premises. In this model, the door for laying firewood opens up. Lifting the door is easy. Almost effortlessly. This is achieved by a counterweight that unloads the weight of the door.

Brunner Ukraine: Buy a fireplace Brunner 51/55 Kompakt Kamin Easy Lift in Kharkiv: 10 years warranty: delivery installation installation Dnipro, Kharkiv, Poltava, Zaporozhye.

Brunner KK 51/55 Easy Lift: Fire Review

The door of the fireplace insert is decorated with flat glass. Such glasses are made only in 2 countries: Germany and Japan. It can withstand temperatures up to 750 degrees. But if you hit it with a poker, it can crack. Through the glass , they admire the fire and watch the burning of firewood and the lining of new ones. The dimensions of the glass, taking into account the frame: width 550 mm, height 510mm.

Brunner Ukraine: Clean Glass system

The "Clean Glass" system creates an air flow that cuts off soot. The air is supplied through a special slot above the glass. The guide plate sets the flow direction of movement along the glass. Air is taken outside and colder than fire. It descends down the glass and creates a protective curtain. As a result, you enjoy the view of a burning flame through a clear glass.

Fireplaces Brunner Kharkiv: Kompakt-Smoke collector

The smoke collector is high and has the shape of a cone. Flue gases rise up without turbulence and accumulate in the upper part of the smoke collector. When you open the firebox door to add firewood, 80% less smoke gets into the room. The furnace with a high smoke collector has a slightly smaller Efficiency, but it is more convenient to operate.

Brunner Ukraine: Grate or hearth gorenje Kompakt fireplaces

The Brunner KK 51/55 lacks a grate. This is a model of hearth gorenje. Air is supplied to the furnace through special convection slots around the perimeter of the furnace. No matter how much ash has accumulated at the bottom, the gorenje will go over the entire area of the furnace chamber with maximum efficiency. The advantage of a ringless furnace is that the remaining ash layer contributes to the effective afterburning of flue gases. The combustion coefficient in such furnaces is close to 100%. Accordingly, and clean the furnace it is necessary much less often in comparison with kolosnikova.

Brunner fireplaces: Gate valve

The gate valve covers the section of the chimney. It is used on a non-working fireplace, so that the warm air from the room is not pulled out into the street. In this furnace, the gate valve is not built in. You need to buy it for the fireplace as part of the chimney.

Fireplace Brunner KK 51/55 Easy Lift: Connection to the chimney

A chimney with a diameter of 200 mm is connected to the Brunner KK 51/55 furnace. You can order a ready-made set of a chimney, assemble a set independently from individual elements or call an engineer to make an estimate.

Buy a fireplace insert Brunner 51/55 Kompakt-Kamin Easy Lift on wood. Order by ☏ +38 095 903-35-05

BRUNNER is the name of the legend for fireplaces of the highest quality. All the company's products are in high demand thanks to the recommendations of customers who have been satisfied with their fireplace for many years. BRUNNER products are made from the best materials available on the market which are produced 100% in We have qualified employees who share the pleasure and passion for BRUNNER products. This is our key to success.

Brunner Ukraine: Buy a fireplace in Kharkiv with delivery, installation and a 10-year warranty at ☏ +380 (95) 903-35-05 Kharkiv Kiev Dnipro Zaporozhye Ukraine

Buy a Brunner fireplace at the manufacturer's price

Tech characteristics:

Country of origin
Rated power
Fuel type
Solid fuels
Firebox material
View of the furnaces
a Traditional furnace
Furnace type
The method of opening the furnace door
Lift up
The shape of the glass furnace
Glass cleaning system
glass blower air flow
The mode of operation of the furnace
Long burning
The air intake into the furnace
external environment
Connection to the chimney
Warranty period

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