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Fireplace Piazzetta firebox HT 610 modern Italian fireplace manufacturer of fireplaces with years of experience. The furnace body is made of heat-resistant enameled steel. The inner part of the furnace lined with ceramic material Aluker®. The furnace has

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High performance.High calorific value materials that make up the fireplace is expressed in high productivity. High performance is achieved by preheating the air that enters the combustion chamber through special channels, which ensures better combustion of the combustion products.Set to supply fresh air.This kit improves combustion and optimises efficiency. For proper operation of the fireplace need a good air circulation. Recirculation of air is divided into two types: the air necessary for combustion, and the air convection to cool the fireplace. For burning you can use the air from outside and the air in the room but in the case where the area of the room where the fireplace is located, not less than 30 m2 and fireplace is not often used. In the first embodiment, air is supplied to the furnace fire through a special air channel which is connected with an air adapter into the bottom of the fireplace. In the second embodiment, the air taken from the room in which the fireplace is located. To use air from the room to work the fireplace is not efficient because it uses pre-heated air and if ventilation is weak, then for a short period of time, the efficiency of a fireplace will decrease and stay in the room will be not comfortable. Remember an inadequate amount of oxygen in the room has a negative impact on health. All furnaces Piazzetta provides air adapter for air supply from the street.Komplektacijoje: Yes,manual: Yes
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Buy fireplace Piazzetta HT 610 made in Italy with a guarantee of 5 years on ☏ 380 (95) 903-35-05
Fireplace Piazzetta firebox HT 610 modern Italian fireplace manufacturer of fireplaces with years of experience. The furnace body is made of heat-resistant enameled steel. The inner part of the furnace lined with ceramic material Aluker®. The furnace has a vertically lifting door, which has a large heat-resistant glass with self-cleaning system. Furnace convection type, this model is the ability to set a forced distribution system warm air Multifuoco System®. On all models Piazzetta HT system with Multifuoco System® provides the ability to connect remote control. The main difference between the Piazzetta Piazzetta HT HT 600 and 610 is the size, Piazzetta HT 600 has a wide facade.Design advantages of the series of furnaces Piazzetta Nadvirna system fireplace inserts series Piazzetta HT works in two modes. The first mode of operation is the vertical rise. The rise is due to the system of counterweights. This design operates using a steel cable system and the bearing of the pulleys. The door runs on a special profile and the process of opening and closing of doors is very light and almost silent. All the mechanisms are working perfectly without creating unnecessary noise. Door frame tight to the furnace body for maximum tightness in the combustion chamber. Also the door opens to the side with the side hinges. The second option of opening doors designed for easy cleaning of the furnace.Better performance and a brighter flame the Inner surface of the combustion chamber of the furnace described heat-resistant material Aluker®, a ceramic refractory material was developed and patented by Piazzetta, which improves combustion and heat dispersal. Aluker® provides storage of thermal energy and high resistance to high temperatures and safe use, simple maintenance and long life. What's more, its light colour enhances the brightness of the fire.Exclusive technology, heat is evenly distributed Multifuoco System® is an exclusive technological method forced distribution of heat throughout the house. System Multifuoco System® offers high-quality and comfortable method of home heating. Multifuoco System® is an innovative design engineers Piazzetta the system is designed for uniform distribution of warm air. This system was extensively investigated and recognized as an innovative solution . Multifuoco System® allows you to distribute heat evenly throughout the home from floor to ceiling. Multifuoco System® is a truly innovative system compared to traditional heating systems. Thanks to the ability Multifuoco System® to distribute heat evenly throughout the room, maintaining an ideal temperature from floor to ceiling. While conventional systems use the natural method of heat distribution. The principle of operation of this system is that heated air is taken from the special chamber of the turbine and is transported sdesnuda channels located in the floor. The system then allows the air to enter again through the upper louvers of the firebox to heat up again and continue the cycle. This method of selection of warm air ensures that heat is distributed evenly throughout the house.

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