Fireplace Piazzetta M360 T цилиндрической формы


Series M360 Italian fireplaces from Piazzetta Fireplace round shape In the fireplace-series M360 combines high efficiency and an attractive unusual shape First and foremost, the peculiarity of the Italian fireplace M360 – its round shape. Designers off

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    высота стекла дверцы
    диаметр дымохода
    ширина стекла дверцы


    круглая, панорамная




To buy a Fireplace furnace Ukraine Piazzetta M360 T cylindrical shape guarantee delivery installation installation Kyiv Kharkiv Fireplace Piazzetta firebox M360 T cylindrical shape
Reliability, wear resistance, toughness – features the entire line of fireplaces from PiazzettaОсобенную design also has reflector smoke. It is a product of technical developments and research results of researchers Piazzetta. A special form of the reflector smoke allows to optimize the process of combustion and makes the flame itself more attractive and graceful. So get a perfect combustion, and the emissions are thus reduced, and this – your concern about the environment.Good results burning provides a well regulated flow of primary air. In the process, the fireplace is formed of a thermal air cushion around the ceramic glass, which keeps the glass clean. The combustion process also improves the fire grate of refractory material Aluker. It distributes heat loss, improves the brightness of the flame, and makes a respectable appearance not even a roaring fire.Komplektacijoje: Yes,manual: Yes
Buy a Fireplace furnace-Ukraine Piazzetta-M360-T-cylindrical-shape-warranty-delivery-installation-installation-Kiev-Kharkiv
Buy fireplace Piazzetta M360 T cylindrical shape made in Italy with a 5 year guarantee on ☏ 380 (95) 903-35-05
Series M360 Italian fireplaces from the company PiazzettaКамин round form the fireplace M360 series combines high efficiency and the atypical attractive form, first and foremost, the peculiarity of the Italian fireplace M360 – its round shape. Designers offer to revive the essence of home round the hearth of a bygone era, using contemporary technologies and materials. In the fireplace will not find the usual metal frame. Is durable, fire-resistant safety glass that allows you to look at the fire from different angles. Thus, we obtain a panoramic view of the fire, where the angle is equal to 360°. Also features electronic control of the glass panels. This means that the owner has the ability to carry out electronic control of the lowering and lifting glass.Thus, this safe and practical technology innovation by Italian manufacturers. The Piazzetta also offers a special panoramic glass, which is equipped with a unique system of lowering and lifting. Glass panels, as well as the fireplace, semi-circular. The panels are mounted on two independent electronic systems. Each of them controlled separately. Process safety opening and closing, and provide special sensors. Panels made of heat-resistant glass ceramic of large size, but it does not prevent to withstand temperatures up to 750° C concludes the Design of the fireplace wall casing is conical or cylindrical in shape. The proportions of the shapes and sizes detailed Italian designers.The colors of the hinged casing – black or white. Casing design is mounted with use of special anchorage devices for sloped or flat ceiling (roof). Danian set is needed to mitigate the loads on the structure. Also the equipment allows to ustanovlenii cover even in rooms with particularly high ceilings. Of the other contents of the fireplace is deep and large, round, but at the same time exclusive form grate. The material from which the grid Aluker – is distinguished by its refractoriness. Aluker is also exclusive in the market of refractory materials, patented by Piazzetta. Form – not simply fads, designers, and practical device that can accommodate a large amount of ash. Slide the damper in the fireplace with a valve, which is adjustable manually Steel construction fireplace M360 generally durable and wear-resistant.

Tech characteristics:

Firebox material
View of the furnaces
a Traditional furnace
Furnace type
The method of opening the furnace door
Lift up
The shape of the glass furnace
Glass cleaning system
glass blower air flow
The mode of operation of the furnace
Long burning
Water circuit
The presence of a gate
Camera dual combustion
The air intake into the furnace
external environment
Connection to the chimney

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