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Piazzetta MA 261 SL steel furnace closed with the top connection to the chimney. The furnace body is made of heat-resistant steel, the inner part is lined with ceramic material Aluker. Aluker increases the efficiency of the fireplace increases the tempera

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To buy a Fireplace furnace Ukraine Piazzetta MA 261 SL warranty delivery installation installation Kyiv Kharkiv Fireplace Piazzetta firebox MA 261 SL
Design features fireplaces Piazzetta MA series SL.Lifting door.The door inserts of the series SL the Piazzetta MA opens up and to the side. Vertical opening is made using the tether system of counterweights, the system is extremely secure and virtually silent. The door is on a special steel profile and moves through the profile. This door system is airtight and prevents the ingress of combustion products into the room where the fireplace is located. It should be noted that for convenient use of the furnace, the manufacturer has provided a side opening door. The door has a convenient steel handle and interlock system for accidental opening.Reliable wide angle glass.Fireplaces Piazzetta MA series SL have a wide angle tematica glass, which opens galaxy view of the fire. In a series of fireplaces Piazzetta MA SL meet the furnace that have direct one glass, two glass and is also called the tunnel type fireplaces, panoramic, oval, triangular, corner. Which shape glass is, it is of high safety glass used by the company Piazzetta for the production of its inserts. Heat resistant glass relates to technology of silicates, in particular it includes a lot of trace elements which zabezpechiti high thermal stability at high temperatures.Robust steel construction.The shell fireplace is made of alloy thermos resistant steel designed for efficient operation at high temperatures. The steel used for the manufacture of the fireplace has high performance properties. And the mode of heat treatment increases structural strength, mode of heat treatment of hot-rolled steel, including normalizing at a temperature of 880 ° C, air cooling and tempering at a temperature of 580-600 ° C. All components are produced on high quality modern equipment. Parts are cut using laser cutting ensures accuracy. Welding takes place in special chambers to ensure perfect seams. At all stages of production is followed by detailed quality control it provides high quality inserts Piazzetta.AlukerВнутренняя part of the combustion chamber lined with ceramic Aluker panels. Aluker is a ceramic material developed and patented by Piazzetta. The material has high physicomechanical properties that affect the efficiency of the fireplace. Is produced at high temperature 1230 °C, reaches a critical point. The main feature is the ability to accumulate heat and to radiate it, increasing combustion temperature. Is characterized by durability and thermal stability, increases the brightness of the fire. It is convenient to remove ashes. In the lower part of the combustion chamber has a large ash pan which easily and effortlessly removed. Set COOKING PROPiazzetta is offered with optional kit for cooking. The set consists of a stainless steel grid products, steel braziers wood and ceramic coastersmade with Aluker.
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Buy Piazzetta MA 261 SL made in Italy with a guarantee of 5 years on ☏ 380 (95) 903-35-05
Piazzetta MA 261 SL steel furnace closed with the top connection to the chimney. The furnace body is made of heat-resistant steel, the inner part is lined with ceramic material Aluker. Aluker increases the efficiency of the fireplace increases the temperature and protects the fireplace housing from deformation. In the upper part of the fireplace is a wide baffle which increases the path of flue gases and increase heat transfer. Piazzetta firebox MA 261 SL has a built-in damper that allows you to control the intensity of combustion. Vertically lifting the door allows you to fully enjoy the process of combustion and facilitates the process of fuel loading. Through the wide window offers a beautiful view of the fire. The firebox has a removable ash drawer that will facilitate the cleaning process. At the bottom of the fireplace is a comfortable control system air supply. System clean glass ensures constant cleanliness of the glass. It's a perfect option for creating a sophisticated interior of your home. In addition to a pleasant appearance, the furnace is a high-tech heater that can reliably heat your home. Also the furnace can be conveniently used as an outdoor fireplace to enjoy the burning process and feel the amazing power of an open flame, it is only necessary to slightly raise the door of the fireplace. This model fireplace Piazzetta MA 261 SL is very popular among users due to simple construction and high reliability.

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The amount of glass in door
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Camera dual combustion
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