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The body of the fireplace insert is made with a highly elastic heat-resistant boiler steel thickness of 3mm. For high precision cutting of parts produced using modern laser. The bending of the parts is carried out on modern, automated powerful CNC machi

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To buy a Fireplace furnace Ukraine Piazzetta MA 264 SL warranty delivery installation installation Kyiv Kharkiv Fireplace fireplace Piazzetta MA 264 SL
Cut and bent parts are welded by robot welding method MAG (automatic arc welding metal with electrode (wire) in inert gas), which guarantees a high quality and aesthetic welds.To improve the performance characteristics of the company Piazzetta cover case is specially designed heat resistant enamel. The use of the enamel increases the combustion temperature (due to direct thermal shielding of electromagnetic radiation), serves as a corrosion barrier for steel, what increases the lifetime of the furnace. With the additional coating of the furnace body is not in contact with aggressive environment of the fire. Most manufacturers of burners are trying to use a steel with a thickness of 4 mm, that is to say for reliability, but the company Piazzetta went the other way. After a costly study the behavior of steel at elevated temperatures were able to obtain reliable alloy that can be used even at a thickness of 3 mm in the combustion chamber, and additional heat-resistant enamel coating protects the steel from the aggressive environment of acid released in the combustion process of wood.As a tremendous Testament to the quality and reliability of furnaces is the geography of sales and an impressive number of dealers since 1960 has expanded to more than 35 countries from Japan to USA, from Ukraine to South Africa having won the confidence in our products with high technology and reliability. During its history the company has produced and sold more than one million stoves and fireplaces. For easy installation the fireplace insert can be equipped with mounting legs with adjustment range of 4 cm (as an option). In 1990, after a long study of the combustion of wood in fireplaces has developed a unique refractory material for calculations of combustion chamber Aluker. Application of refractory lining in the chamber allows to increase the temperature of fuel combustion to 30%, this occurs in consequence of a direct reflection of thermal electromagnetic radiation of the fire. Thereby raising the temperature of the chamber. As is known, different chemical elements have different combustion temperatures. The process of spontaneous combustion of wood occurs at 140°C. the higher the temperature the more fuel particles burn that turns the gas and the solid particles of fuel into heat, thus increasing the efficiency of the furnace, to reduce emissions of soot and harmful gases in the atmosphere to 0.1%.Refractory material Aluker has impressive specifications it can withstand temperatures up to 1400°C and remains stable to mechanical stress.Company Piazzetta patented his technical development material Aluker. The doors of the fireplace insert is made with a solid steel profile, in which is mounted heat-resistant glass ceramic SCHOTT ROBAX® which, due to the very low coefficient of thermal expansion can withstand temperatures up to 760°C. According to the company SCHOTT glass ceramic were mounted in 35 million fireplaces. The glass reflects into the combustion chamber up to 35% of heat thereby increasing the temperaturethe combustion and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the view of the fire from close range in a comfortable environment. To preserve the integrity of the camera in profile gates invested a special graphite gasket. System dotiki doors to seal the fireplace for many years. The furnace is equipped with a system lifting the door up in the national - the guillotine. Virtually silent, for the smooth running equipped with shock absorbers. A simple system consists of a cable, pulley and counterweight ensures a perfect multiyear work. Guillotine facilitates the process of loading fuel into the chamber, opens the possibility to use the fireplace for cooking in the grill. For lovers of cooking and cooking to the furnace a set COOKING PRO cooking on the grill. As an option the furnace from the MA series can be equipped with a practical set of cooking. The set includes a stand for firewood, boards of heat-resistant material and steel Aluker grate for grilling. A feature of the design is the bottom of the furnace is made of highly elastic primary iron. In the lower part of the combustion chamber is enough capacity removable ash pan, covered with a removable cast iron grate. Primary air supply in the combustion chamber occurs through the ash pan, combustion rate is adjustable with knob, arranged on the lower side of the chamber. Four-sided glass blower secondary air creates an air of barter, which prevents the deposition of soot and smoke on the glass in the process chamber. Thus the glass remains clean during all phases of combustion. On the outside of the bottom of the furnace there is a hole for connecting the flow channel of fresh air from the street. Management intensity is carried out: - control slide valve for the chimney (increase or decrease the traction of the chimney) - control of the flow of air into the combustion chamber (the handle is in the lower part of the furnace)Fireplace insert Piazzetta MA 264 SL Wood of the fireplace insert.
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Buy Piazzetta MA 264 SL made in Italy with a guarantee of 10 years on ☏ 380 (95) 903-35-05
The body of the fireplace insert is made with a highly elastic heat-resistant boiler steel 3 mm thickness. For high precision cutting of parts produced using modern laser. The bending of the parts is carried out on modern, automated powerful CNC machines.

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