Buy fireplace Kharkiv Ukraine: Schmid Lina 73s 7345 7351 7357 7363


Buy fireplace Kharkiv Ukraine: Schmid Lina 73s 7345 7351 7357 7363 installation in Dnipro, Kiev, Zaporozhye, Ukraine, steel furnace, cast iron smoke collector, chamber lining chamotte, double combustion, clean glass, warranty installation installation c

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Buy a fireplace in Kharkiv
Schmid Lina 73s 7345 7351 7357 7363 
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Kharkiv Kiev Dnipro Zaporozhye Poltava Ukraine;

The Lina 73 fireplace insert is manufactured by the well-known European manufacturer of fireplaces and fireplace inserts Schmid from Germany. The hallmark of the brand is the excellent heating characteristics of the products, outstanding German quality and convenience, and a reasonable price for beautiful fireplaces and furnaces that are in well-deserved demand from customers.

The Lina 73 fireplace insert has a straight, flat viewing glass with a frame width of 73 cm. Opening the door side (left or right). There are 4 variants of the Lina 73 firebox, which differ in the height of the frame overview glass:

  • fireplace Schmid Lina 7345 (frame height 45 cm);
  • fireplace Schmid Lina 7351   (frame height   51 cm);
  • fireplace Schmid Lina 7357  (frame height   57 cm);
  • fireplace Schmid   Lina   7363   (frame height 63   cm).

At the request of the client, the company supplies fireplace inserts with different frames and viewing glass frames:

  • Standard delivery-anthracite fireplace frame;
  • Decoration of the fireplace frame with gilt or chrome-plated in the Deco style (a thin strip of 5 mm); the frame is matte or glossy);
  • Full tinting (glossy or matt) of the fireplace frame with gold, stainless steel or chrome;
  • Hidden frame with tinted glass around the entire perimeter of the fireplace (Kristall style), or on three sides (Kristall + style).

decor. frames
5 mm thick.
gilt or
Chrome, gold-plated, stainless steel
Gold or chrome,
matt or gloss
Door frame height
2760 2910 3210 45 cm
2890 3040 3340 51 cm
3050 3200 3500 57 cm
3340 3490 3790 63 cm

Fireplace insert with straight glass.
The firebox door opens to the side.
The width of the door frame is 73 cm.
The diameter of the chimney is Ø 200 mm.
Adapter for connecting outdoor air
Ø 150 mm.
The rated power of the fireplace insert is 9 kW.

Description of fireplace insert
Schmid Lina 73s 7345 7351 7357 7363:

  • Reliable German Schmid Lina fireplacewith a steel firebox and a combustion chamber lined with protective chamotte. The fireplace uses an efficient and eco-friendly double afterburning of fuel and is equipped with a cast-iron smoke collector made of special heat-resistant cast iron. German ceramic heat-resistant glass with a cleaning system provides a perfect view of the living flame in the fireplace. Convenient ash tray, single handle air regulation, convenient door opening handle. The fireplace has excellent heating characteristics, it is easy to operate and easy to maintain.
  • The material of the fireplace insert body is heat-resistant non-alloy steel with a thickness of 4 to 5 mm. Constructors we have provided for which parts of the body are made of steel of greater thickness, ensuring the strength of the structure and resistance of the fireplace to high temperatures without deformation;
  • The material of the hood (smoke collector) of the Schmid Lina fireplace is cast iron with a thickness of 8 mm. Such a constructive solution it is dictated by the fact that lining with heat-resistant materials is not possible in the smoke collector, so steel as a material is not suitable for the Ukrainian market.
  • The Gorenje chamber for laying and burning wood in the fireplace is lined with heat-resistant chamotte of natural color with a pattern "brickwork" or plain. It can be delivered with the lining of the combustion chamber in the fireplace insert in gray and black colors. Thanks to the internal blowing of the fireplace and the smoothness of the material on the chamotte does not settle soot and soot;
  • German Schmid LIna fireplace equipped with a double air supply system in the furnace "PRIMARY & SECONDARY" has the functions of fast fuel ignition, long-term gorenje and secondary afterburning of waste. This consists of compliance with environmental protection requirements, confirmed by quality certificates of the state Germany "DIN Plus" and "EFA" .
  • The system "clean glass" ("TWIN AIR stream") works on the principle of blowing hot air inside glass surfaces during gorenje in the furnace. The air flow along the glass prevents its contamination, leaves it transparent, opening a good view of the picture of burning logs and a changeable game of fiery reflections.

Buy a fireplace in Kharkiv Schmid Lina 7345 * 7351 * 7357 * 7363 made in Germany with a 5-year warranty ☏ +380 (95) 903-35-05

  • The chimney of the fireplace is made of steppe heat-resistant cast iron and ends with a rotary branch pipe with the possibility of connecting to the chimney with a diameter of 200 mm.
  • The viewing glass of the fireplace is made in Germany, it is ceramic, heat-resistant, withstanding temperature 800 ° Celsius, which is twice as high as the required norm.
  • The Schmid Lina fireplace has a removable ash tray with a cast-iron grate and a convenient handle.
  • Adjusting the intensity of the air supply to the fireplace is simple and effortless;
  • The Schmid Lina firebox is equipped with height-adjustable legs, which ensure a perfectly smooth installation of the firebox when installing and lining the fireplace.
  • The power of the firebox of the Schmid Lina fireplace is designed for installation in a medium-sized room, is 9 kW , depends on it depends on the quality and dryness of the wood.
  • Warranty for the Schmid Lina fireplace insert and its modifications 5 years.
  • Additional possibility of fresh air supply from outside the room to maintain high humidity. the oxygen level at the installation site of the furnace.

A large assortment of firebox decor and additional accessories makes the purchase of a fireplace insert from the company Schmid unique, special, with an appearance to your taste and desire.

"Stove-Makers Workshop": Buy a fireplace in Kharkiv with delivery, installation and warranty at ☏ +380 (95) 903-35-05;
Kharkiv Kiev Dnipro Zaporozhye Poltava Ukraine

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Tech characteristics:

Firebox material
View of the furnaces
a Traditional furnace
Furnace type
The method of opening the furnace door
Side opening
The shape of the glass furnace
The amount of glass in door
Glass cleaning system
glass blower air flow
The mode of operation of the furnace
Long burning
Water circuit
Camera dual combustion
The air intake into the furnace
external environment
Connection to the chimney

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