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Buy fireplace in Kharkiv Seguin Kiteflam-cast iron furnace from France-7 years warranty-delivery installation installation - Dnipro Kiev Ukraine - Workshop of Stoves

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Cast iron fireplace from France. Quality, convenience, beauty.

Buy a fireplace in Kharkiv
Seguin Kiteflam cast iron furnace
Kharkiv Dnipro delivery in Ukraine

Cast iron fireplace from France, reliable, durable, with excellent thermal characteristics, modern design and convenient in daily operation.

Weight150 kg ,efficiency 73% , blown glass, double Afterburner fuel, ash pan, gate, convenient adjustments of the fireplace insert.

The Seguin Kiteflam fireplace insert is made of high-quality cast iron. The fireplace has thick walls which depend on from the temperature expansion, they reach 12 mm, which provides the fireplace with outstanding thermal characteristics.

The fireplace insert is designed for continuous use and can withstand high thermal loads.warranty for the fireplace - 7 years.

The fireplace insert is equipped with a built-in gate valve, which allows you to control the air draft, thereby affecting the intensity of combustion and preventing ingress smoke in the room even when the fireplace door is open.

The diameter of the fireplace chimney is 200 mm. In the front part of the fireplace there is a protective barrier that prevents fuel from falling out and protects the glass here's the damage. Wide rectangular door with heat-resistant glass, offers a beautiful view of the fire. The rear wall is made in the form of fire tongues, provides a more attractive appearance of the fireplace.

The Air Supply and intensity of combustion in the fireplace insert is regulated by a convenient Latch, which is located on the front part of the fireplace.

The total mass of the fireplace is 150 kg.

Fireplace configuration  

Ash pan    there is
Operation instructions    there is

Buy cast iron fireplace insert Seguin Kiteflam from France with a 7-year warranty and delivery installation installation in Kharkiv, Kiev, Dnipro and throughout Ukraine.

Cast iron is an excellent material that conducts heat efficiently and emits it for a long time after heating, improves the thermal characteristics of the fireplace and the durability of its use.

"Stove-Makers Workshop": Buy a fireplace in Kharkiv with delivery, installation and warranty of 7 years at ☏ +380 (95) 903-35-05;
Kharkiv Dnipro Zaporizhia Poltava Ukraine

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Tech characteristics:

View of the furnaces
a Traditional furnace
Furnace type
The method of opening the furnace door
Side opening
The shape of the glass furnace
The amount of glass in door
Glass cleaning system
glass blower air flow
The mode of operation of the furnace
Long burning
Water circuit
The presence of a gate
Camera dual combustion
The air intake into the furnace
external environment
Connection to the chimney
Warranty period

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