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Fireplace insert a series of Varia – the most common among the same products of the company SPARTHERM. This is the most popular model range, sought after clients. Furnace series Varia made of heat resistant steel with a thickness of 4-5 mm, the combustion

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To buy a Fireplace furnace Ukraine Spartherm Varia 1Vh 3S warranty delivery installation installation Kyiv Kharkiv Fireplace insert Spartherm Varia 1Vh 3S
If you're a fan of classic forms, the strength of the product, its solidity and reliability, fireplace топкаSpartherm Varia 1Vh 3s is the best fit for You. The rectangular shape of the facade is a classic, it will fit into any interior, it is convenient to install anywhere on your premises, to do any lining. The body of the fireplace insert Spartherm Varia 1Vh 3s made of heat-resistant steel. If the parameters of the furnace meet your needs, feel free to choose this model. The simplicity, the strictness of appearance, the lack of obsessive decorative details – this is a godsend for designer. Your fireplace can fit into any situation, he always will look modern and elegant. Elegance will accentuate a slim toned frame , framing the glass(the LINEAR property of the model 3s). Do not forget that insert Spartherm Varia 1Vh 3s quite powerful and will serve you a good heating system (heats the room with an area of 90-100 sq m).Marking 3S means the tripartite enforcement framework. Handle lock located at the bottom of the facade of the furnace, has a beautiful shape and is intended for lifting and lowering the door in a vertical position system ("guillotine"). A removable knob, which is standard, is used for side opening doors for cleaning glass and cleaning of the furnace from the inside.You can buy fireplace insert Spartherm Varia 1Vh-3S in our company and order the service "installing fireplace hearth" for a reasonable price.Our company provides the service "installation of fireplace inserts" for many years and has a vast experience of successful installations of fireplaces turnkey.Buying a fireplace insert Spartherm Varia 1Vh-3S, You get a real guarantee on the installation of the fireplace insert to the experienced professionals of our company.
Buy a Fireplace furnace-Ukraine Spartherm Varia-1Vh-3S-warranty-delivery-installation-installation-Kiev-Kharkiv
Buy fireplace insert Spartherm Varia 1Vh-3S manufactured in Germany with a guarantee of 5 years on ☏ 380 (95) 903-35-05
Fireplace insert a series of Varia – the most common among the same products of the company SPARTHERM. This is the most popular model range, sought after clients. Furnace series Varia made of heat resistant steel with a thickness of 4-5 mm, the combustion chamber is lined on the inside with chamotte plates.In the furnace Spartherm Varia 1Vh-3S to apply the function "clean glass", this function is implemented by means of the direction of flow of clean air to the inside of the furnace door,This model is equipped with a secondary afterburning of exhaust gases. The outlet of a fireplace insert can be rotated in different directions for easy connection to the chimney.Furnace series Varia have a system of air supply into the combustion chamber outside the room. This feature prevents the consumption of a fireplace, the air in the room.Other characteristics of Spartherm inserts:mechanism for combustion control, the ability to increase and decrease its intensity.the material from which the glass and refractory ceramics,box of ash and the grill is built into fireplace inserts and removable, easy to remove ash and combustion wastes,Soft - Close - smooth movement of the door up due to the mechanism that uses the weight of the door,the furnace door is tightly adjacent to the front of the camera,the door is equipped with a tilt mechanism at an angle of 25 degrees to the furnace, which creates convenience when cleaning the glass,at the request of the customer, it is possible to provide the furnace function modular convection to distribute warm air throughout the house.If you opted for the fireplace furnace Varia 1Vh option Linear, pay attention to the elegance of this product. Frame doors are designed so that the mount it, the opening mechanism is invisible, so the impression of perfection to the appearance of the furnace, which is important for its presence in your room. After all, great design is essential along with excellent technical characteristics.The 4S Linear option the furnace is characterized in that it has a 4-sided decorative frame with plating black ceramic paint, which gives the strictness and elegance of the facade of the furnace. For all inserts Linear it is possible to order an additional frame mounted on the facade of the furnace in front of the door. For option 4S is a four-sided frame for option 3S – triangular. The material for the additional frames is also determined by the customer(painted metal black or brushed stainless steel color). In the fireplace the furnace Varia 1V (Linear same as Prestige) is the function continuous burning and the function "clean glass". As in other furnaces of the company Spartherm this product has the possibility of supplying air into the combustion chamber outside the room.

Tech characteristics:

Country of origin
Rated power
Fuel type
Solid fuels
Firebox material
View of the furnaces
a Traditional furnace
Furnace type
The method of opening the furnace door
Lift up
The shape of the glass furnace
The amount of glass in door
Glass cleaning system
glass blower air flow
The mode of operation of the furnace
Long burning
Water circuit
The presence of a gate
Camera dual combustion
The air intake into the furnace
external environment
Connection to the chimney

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