Buy stove fireplace Thorma SKAL II Kharkiv Dnipro Ukraine


Buy stove fireplace Thorma SKAL II in Kharkiv Dnipro Kiev in Ukraine steel 7kW Slovakia Installation Warranty 5 years

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    Width (мм)
    Height (мм)
    Deep (мм)
    64 kg


    5 years




Stove-fireplace from Slovakia. A steel stove-a wood-burning fireplace.

Buy stove-fireplace Thorma (Torma)
SKAL II Kharkiv Dnipro Kiev Ukraine
Delivery installation 5 year warranty

Steel stove-fireplace Thorma SKAL II is an excellent choice for those buyers who will always buy a product with the best price - quality ratio on the market.

The Thorma fireplace stove made in Slovakia is a reliable and efficient wood-burning stove with a rated power of 7 kW, a convincing efficiency of 81% and an excellent 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.

The steel furnace will quickly heat the room to 160 cubic meters. A solid weight of 64 kg will allow the furnace to retain heat for a long time, and the protective lining of the combustion chamber will extend the service life of the stove - fireplace for many years.

The Thorms GENT fireplace stove is a modern heating equipment and is equipped with a door glass cleaning system and a gas afterburning chamber.

The furnace provides for the upper connection of the chimney.

"Stove-Makers Workshop": Buy a Thorma SKAL II oven in Kharkiv with delivery, installation, with a 5-year warranty by ☏ +380 (95) 903-35-05 
Kharkiv Dnipro Zaporozhye Kiev Poltava Ukraine

At the manufacturer's price

Tech characteristics:

Thorma (Torma)
Country of origin
Rated power
7.0 (kW)
80.7 %
Cooking surface
64 (kg)
Dimensions of the furnace, HxWxD
Chimney diameter
150 (mm)
Chimney connection
Furnace material
Steel with lining
Firebox glass
With blowing
The presence of a gate
Gas afterburning chamber
5 years

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