Fireplace insert Seguin Visio 8 BLACK LINE


Sale installation installation of a fireplace insert Seguin Visio 8 BLACK LINE in Kharkov, Kiev in Ukraine

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    Width (мм)
    Height (мм)
    Deep (мм)
    Сhimney diameter (мм)
    Width of glass door (мм)
    Height of glass door (мм)
    Fire door height (mm)
    Fire door width (mm)


The “Stove-makers Workshop” offers for sale in Kharkov, Kiev and throughout Ukraine, a wonderful work of French engineers, a Seguin Visio 8 fireplace insert designed for those who value the quality and reliability of thermal units. For the safe use of the fireplace insert Seguin Visio 8, the French company has provided a system for automatically locking the door of the furnace at a time when the gate is obstructed. By the way, the gate can be independently adjusted by controlling the combustion process of the fuel material. Note that in the model, it supports the dual gas combustion function; air intake from the outside is also provided, thanks to which it is possible to control the intensity of fuel combustion. By the way, the fuel material for this model of a fireplace insert is wood. This fireplace insert can warm your house up to 600 m3 without any difficulty.

An important role in the operation of the furnace is played by the DAFS system, which ensures complete combustion of combustion products and increases work efficiency.

The fireplace insert uses the Seguin Duteriez system, a patented system that prevents smoke from entering the room when the furnace door is accidentally opened. Glass cleaning takes place with the help of air supplied to the inner surface of the glass through special channels, thereby reflecting soot from the glass.

The fireplace is equipped with a refractory glass that can withstand high temperatures. The furnace is made of high quality cast iron, the thickness of the furnace body, depending on the temperature load, reaches 12 mm. The inside of the fireplace is lined with refractory fireclay. Due to the high heat transfer of cast iron, as well as the optimal location of stiffeners with a large heat transfer area, the cold air of the room will quickly heat up from the fireplace.

Also, the fireplace insert has a sliding ash pan and a cast-iron grate with longitudinal holes through which ash easily wakes up, facilitates the cleaning process.


Zolnik:  Is present

Instruction manual: Is present

Tech characteristics:

Country of manufacture
Rated Power
15.0 (kW)
Coefficient of performance
73.0 (%)
Fuel Type
Types of solid fuel
Firewood, Pellets
Fire chamber material
Cast iron
Type of firebox
Traditional firebox
Type of furnace
Firebox door opening method
Side opening
Fireplace Glass Shape
The number of glasses in the door
Glass cleaning system
Blowing glass with a stream of air
Fire chamber operating mode
Long burning
Water circuit
Gate availability
Double Combustion Chamber
Air intake into the furnace
From the external environment
Chimney connection
169.0 (kg)
Warranty period
84 (months)

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