Fireplace Kharkiv-Dovre 2575 CBS 1-cast iron firebox


Buy fireplace Kharkiv-Dovre 2575 CS 1-Kiev Dnipro Zaporozhye Poltava Sumy-traditional or corner or three-sided wood-fired cast-iron cassette firebox-installation facing warranty

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    Cast Iron




Cast iron fireplace, art nouveau style with wood

Buy a fireplace in Kharkiv
Dovre 2575 CBS1, Ukraine
Installation and cladding of the fireplace
Kiev Dnipro Poltava Zaporizhia Sumy   

Fireplace-cast iron firebox Dovre 2575 CBS1 - your safe home hearth of a live fire, for a private home and for a cottage.

Fireplace firebox Dovre 2575 CBS - completely made of cast iron, the combustion chamber is lined with vermiculite. Eternal fireplace. Modern model in the Art Nouveau style, contains several types of frame in the variants of the classic one-sided front fireplace, two-sided corner fireplace, three-sided panoramic fireplace.The fireplace is equipped with a modern self-cleaning fireplace door. 

Manufacturer of stoves, fireplaces, fireplace inserts Dovre from Norway is known in the world market of heating devices for more than 70 years and is a model of the production of advanced heating devices:

  • Beautiful modern design of stoves and fireplaces Dovre;
  • Reliability and durability of the structure are due to the use of a cast-iron furnace with a combustion chamber lined with vermiculite;
  • Excellent technical characteristics of fireplaces, stoves and fireplace inserts, including double afterburning of fuel, high efficiency of the heating device, minimum fuel consumption;
  • Stoves, fireplaces and fireplace insertsDovre have excellent environmental characteristics, confirmed by European laboratories.

Fireplace-cast iron fireplace insert Dovre 2575 CBS1 - a beautiful fireplace that warms the house with the soft warmth of a live fire for many years, safe, economical and efficient.

Additional options:

Tech characteristics:

Dove (Dovre)
Country of origin
Facade dimensions HxW
510x700 (mm)
Dimensions HxWxD
600x700x400 (mm)
Rated power
10.0 (kW)
160.0 (kg)
76 ( % )
Chimney diameter
150 (mm)
Combustion chamber lining
Construction Type
Firebox Material
Cast iron
Type of firebox
Traditional firebox
Firebox Type
Fuel Type
Types of solid fuels
Side window (split)
The shape of the glass furnace
Straight vertical glass
Air supply
Glass cleaning system
Blowing the glass with a stream of air
Operating mode of the furnace
Long-term gorenje
Dual combustion Chamber
Yes. Double afterburning system
Air intake to the furnace
From the external environment
Warranty period
120 (months)

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