Buy fireplace Kharkiv-Dovre Sense 303-Three-sided cast iron fireplace


Buy fireplace Kharkiv-Dovre Sense 303-Three-sided cast iron fireplace-On legs-Bourgeois-Installation turnkey installation-10 years warranty-Ukraine Dnipro Poltava Kiev

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cast iron three-sided fireplace fireplace in Kharkiv

Buy cast iron fireplace   
Dovre Sense 303 Ukraine;
10 years warranty, installation
Kharkiv Kiev Dnipro Zaporozhye

Cast iron fireplace-three-way fireplace - Dovre Sense 303 - excellent view of the flame through the cooled silicate heat-resistant glass on three sides of the furnace, high 80% efficiency . ultra slim modern design. Universal in operation cast-iron fireplace-kaminofen-will easily fit into the design of a modern interior of a private house, cottage, veranda or apartment. The double-burning technique in the furnace contributes to a higher temperature and more environmentally friendly fuel combustion.

Modern design of the fireplace with an elegant finish and smooth lines allow the models of the Norwegian Dovre Sense fireplaces to be a luxurious addition to any interior. The Dovre Sense fireplace also organically complements your home with soft warmth and a great view of the live fire.

The oven model Dovre Sense 303 is available in the following colors:

  • Cast iron stove Dovre Sense 203 white.
  • Cast iron stove Dovre Sense 203 beige.
  • Cast iron stove Dovre Sense 203 black*.

*The price is for black color!

Dovre cast iron Sense 303 fireplace from Norway-original design plus efficiency usage

One of the most original designs – the cast-iron fireplace Sense 303 by Dovre-does not require the creation of a portal or niche for placement. The design of the stove is truly admired by fans of minimalism, can serve as the main dominant of the interior. At the same time, the high power and efficiency indicators of the furnace allow us to draw conclusions about the significant benefits of using functional equipment as the main source of heat in a house or cottage with an area of up to 70 m2.

"Stove-Makers Workshop": Buy cast-iron fireplace-kaminofen in Kharkiv with delivery, installation, 10-year warranty for ☏ +380 (95) 903-35-05;
Kharkiv Kiev Dnipro Zaporozhye Poltava Ukraine

At the manufacturer's price

Tech characteristics:

Dove (Dovre)
Country of origin
Rated power
9.0 (kW)
80 %
Cooking surface
145 (kg)
Dimensions of the furnace, HxWxD
1060 x 555 x 440 mm (mm)
Diameter of the chimney
150 (mm)
Connection of the chimney
Air supply
Furnace Material
Cast Iron
Firebox glass
Three-sided, with blowing
Secondary afterburning technology
10 years

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