Kaminofen Invicta Ludia Ukraine


To buy a cast-iron stove Invicta Ludia . Guarantee delivery installation from the Stove-Makers Workshop Kharkiv Poltava Dnipro Ukraine

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€ 965


    Width (мм)
    536 mm
    Height (мм)
    1000 mm
    Deep (мм)
    437 mm
    114,0 kg


    5 лет




To buy kaminofen Invicta Ludia
Kharkiv Poltava Dnipro Ukraine

Kaminofens Invicta

Invicta – is the leading French trade mark, exporting the products in more, than 20 countries. Main dignity of company is a moderate price. It succeeded to be obtained due to a complete productive cycle. The wide model row of stoves of Invicta will satisfy any customer. Cast-iron of the greatest quality is used in a production exceptionally, that provides high heat emission of good.

Description of a kaminofen Invicta Ludia

Kaminofen Invicta Ludia - powerful and effective fireplace-stove, which is an effective heating device and a great addition to the interior. For the manufacture of the furnace, durable cast iron of our own production is used, which ensures reliability and long-term use of the structure. Ludia differs in a large height and capacious sizes of fire-box chamber, that allows to the stove to show considerable power even during work in the nominal mode. Glass of stove is made from high-quality glass ceramics. Due to the system of cleaning "blowing a blast" glass of stove saves a cleanness for a long time.

Specialists of "The Stove-Makers Workshop " will consult, will do operative delivery on all territory of Ukraine, qualitatively will execute setting of stoves Invicta.

To buy kaminofen Invicta Ludia with guarantee. Price, reviews, descriptions.

Delivery, setting from the Stove-Makers Workshop
on ☏ +380 (95) 903-35-05 Kharkiv Poltava Dnipro Ukraine

Tech characteristics:

Country of origin
The stove material
Cast iron
Type of fuel
Rated power
10,0 kW
76,0 %
Glass cleaning system
air cooling flow of air
Diameter of a chimney
150 mm
114,0 kg
Warranty term
60 months

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