Buy fireplace stove Thorma BASEL II Kharkiv Dnipro Ukraine


Buy fireplace stove Thorma BASEL II Kharkiv Dnipro Ukraine: steel 7kW chamotte weight 70kg: Large glass: Heats 98-165 m3 : Slovakia: installation 5 years warranty

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Kaminofen-oven from Slovakia. Steel fireplace with wood.

Buy fireplace-oven Thorma
BASEL II Kharkiv Dnipro Kiev Ukraine
Delivery installation 5 year warranty

Steel fireplace Thorma BASEL II is an excellent heating device of European quality at a reasonable price and at the same time - a 5 - year warranty and at the same time-a large viewing glass and a large reserve of heating power up to 165 cubic meters of room volume.

Furnace body

The body of the Thorma BASEL II fireplace stove is made of steel. Steel furnaces quickly warm up the air in the room. They begin to give heat 15 minutes after kindling.

Furnace chamber of the fireplace furnace

The heat-resistant material inside the furnace chamber is chamotte. It takes the main temperature load. Thanks to the double-walled furnace, the body of the Thorma BASEL II fireplace is protected from overheating and deformation. And after a few years of intensive use, the walls can be replaced. And you don't have to buy a new oven.

Overview of the fire

Through the glass in the door of the stove-fireplace, it is convenient to look after the fire, and just admire the intricate games of the flame. Fire-resistant glass, or rather, glass-ceramic easily withstands temperatures up to 750°C. Despite the fact that the material is stronger than ordinary window glass, it is recommended to take the same care with it, especially during transportation and installation - the glass may crack or break. In this furnace, direct glazing is used.


Dimensions of the fireplace stove: height-884 mm, width-421 mm, depth-379 mm.


The weight of Thorma BASEL II is 60 kg. This is the weight of one adult men. Place the oven on a podium made of non-flammable material without strengthening the floor or a separate foundation.


The atmosphere that reigns in a room with a working stove is charming. The changeable fiery landscapes behind the glazed door, the shadow theater on the walls, the smells and sounds that tease the imagination-the Thorma Malaga fireplace magically transforms the usual home decorations, adding mystery and comfort.

"Stove-makers Workshop": Buy a Thorma BASEL II oven in Kharkiv with delivery, installation, with a 5-year warranty on ☏ +380 (95) 903-35-05;
Kharkiv Dnipro Zaporozhye Kiev Poltava Ukraine

At the manufacturer's price

Tech characteristics:

Thorma (Torma)
Country of origin
Rated power
7.0 (kW)
80.7 %
Cooking surface
60 (kg)
Dimensions of the furnace, HxWxD
Chimney diameter
150 (mm)
Chimney connection
Furnace material
Steel with lining
Firebox glass
With blowing
The presence of a gate
Gas afterburning chamber
Flue gas temperature (°C)
5 years

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