Stove-makers Workshop: Portfolio

Case studies. Kharkov. Exquisite designer fireplace from Spain.

Veripla designer fireplaces for a minimalist interior from Spain. Already in Kharkov, in the salon "Workshop of stoves". Do you want a modern designer fireplace, but you ..

Advantages of Camina & Schmid fireplaces and fireboxes : Kharkiv, Dnipro, Kiev, Ukraine

Camina & Schmid is one of the largest companies in Germany in the field of development and production of fireplace inserts and stoves made of special high-quality steel and cast iron..

Stove-fireplace in Kharkiv HAAS & SOHN OVALIS GRANDE with installation.

HAAS & SOHN fireplace oven in Kharkiv with turnkey installation. The HAAS & SOHN OVALIS GRANDE fireplace oven can become a decoration for your home, cottage or office. The st..

Kharkiv, Kiev: Modern fireplace, stove: Examples of works: Facing-tile

"Stove-Makers Workshop" presents examples of works. Modern fireplace-stove in the trendy pub "Green Duck Pub". Kharkiv, Kharkiv region. Fireplace insert from Italy. Manufacturer: Nordica. Model: ..

Fireplace Kharkiv, region. Installation of the Kobok Chopok L LD fireplace insert. Facing Markam Bugo.

Slovak fireplace Kobok furnace Chopok L LD, facing marble portal Markam Byuga. Сountry-style kobok fireplace Trim in Delicato Cream marble with plaster inserts and the presence of a wooden beam...

Buy designer fireplace in Kharkiv Ukraine JC Bordelet

JC Bordelet French king of designer fireplaces Kharkiv Ukraine French island designer fireplace JC Bordelet, model ZELIA 908. A Sophisticated example of European design and the highest..

Kharkov. Oven with firebox Brunner HKD 4 finish tile ivory.

Kharkiv. Brunner HKD 4 furnace with heat-accumulating flues. The oven is Lined with ivory tiles. This project uses a Brunner HKD 4 furnace with manual smoke flues for heat storage ..

Kharkov. Furnace with a firebox Brunner HKD 2.2 classic facing fireproof brick. Examples of works.

Kharkiv region.  Brunner HKD 2.2 furnace, heat-accumulating flues. furnace Lining is a classic heat-resistant brick. Brunner HKD 2.2 Furnace has a large viewing door, "c..

Kaminofen fireplace oven Nordica Nicoletta country house Kharkiv. Portfolio.

Kharkiv. Kaminofen oven Nordica Nicoletta in a country house. Lining of the back false wall made of refractory quartzite. This project presents a caminophen from the Italian manufa..

Kamin Kharkiv, region. Corner fireplace, fireplace insert, Hi-Tech veneer, marble.

The photo can not show the elegance of the forms of this fireplace in Kharkiv region unfortunately . In order to save money, the customer purchased a cheap" noname "furnace fr..

Case studies. Kharkov. Exquisite fireplace with wrought copper facing.

"Stove-makers Workshop" presents some examples of work.Classic fireplace. Private house. Kharkiv, Kharkiv region. Exquisite fireplace with cladding of forged copper, polished stone and "aged..