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Use of electronic burning regulator in EAS stoves and fireplaces

manufacturer: Stoves Fireplaces Brunner Ukraine

If you want the flame to burn in your fireplace to be perfect, you should install the electronic combustion controller "EAS" from BRUNNER.

Just throw a match into the firebox when it is lit, or just re-throw the wood - the "EAS" control system will do the rest.

Result: perfect efficiency of your fireplace, because the "EAS" servo will never forget to put the air intake damper in the optimal position or close the air supply to the firebox after the wood been burned. This feature is especially relevant if you go to bed or leave the house.

Brunner EAS-what is the need for a burning regulator in stoves and fireplaces

EAS is a control system for air supply to the fireplace insert from BRUNNER for efficient wood burning, which is suitable for fireplaces and stoves of this brand. This system will help you properly light wood in the fireplace, since, first of all, this requires the correct supply of air to the combustion chamber. Incorrectly adjusted burning air supply may cause undesirable effects, such as: soot contamination of the internal combustion chamber parts of the door glass, incomplete combustion of firewood, rapid burnout of firewood or greater release of polluting gases into the atmosphere. This can be largely avoided by using the Brunner "EAS" electronic outdoor air supply control.

BRUNNER engineers have developed a step-by-step algorithm for igniting the flame at the first kindling, in which air enters the combustion chamber it is fed at the desired time intervals, allowing the fire to ignite smoothly and without human intervention. Just put some wood in the fireplace, they ignite, and the whole combustion process will be adjusted automatically.

BRUNNER's "EAS" system has a convenient and intuitive interface with graphical elements and symbols. The touch screen is covered with a strong decorative glass. In combination with other electronic devices with helpers from BRUNNER, all the heating management of Your home can be controlled centrally and safely. All electronic assistants are controlled by a Central control system. Security-related components, for example, the contact lock of the door is duplicated or equipped with additional sensors.

The "EAS" system from BRUNNER has an "Emergency program", with a built-in battery, which in the event of a failure the power supply provides the necessary power to the damper regulating the flow of air for burn moved to a safe position, allowing the fireplace to safely end the burning process regardless of, at what stage is the combustion process in Your stove or fireplace flame.

The "EAS" System is available in two colors: black or white.

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manufacturer: Stoves Fireplaces Brunner Ukraine

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