Finnish sauna stove Mini-IKI Plus in Kharkiv Ukraine


Finnish stove sauna heater Mini-IKI Plus - < b>Sauna heater stoves - Buy in Kharkiv Dnipro Ukraine < / b> - Up to 200 kg of stones up to 12 m3 - Soft steam ❤ Heated stone gives off heat while retaining oxygen ❤ High reliability ❤ Excellent hea

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Finnish stove heater Mini-IKI Plus for sauna .

Sauna Stove 
Mini-IKI Plus (200 kg of stones)  
Kharkiv Dnipro Poltava Ukraine  
Consultation delivery installation  

The classic Finnish sauna stove Mini-IKI Plus is an excellent choice for perfectionists who are looking for the perfect steam for a sauna. A special soft steam and gentle warmth are the result of an original design, where the furnace and ring smoke turns are made of industrial steel they are covered with a huge amount of high-quality Finnish stone-heat accumulator.

In the IKI sauna heater, the heat comes from the stones, not from the metal, so the steam from the IKI furnaces is soft, hot, rich in oxygen, healthy and long-lasting.

Mini-IKI is the smallest model of a heater stove for small saunas with a volume of 5-12 m3. Despite its small size, the stove heater holds a whopping 200 kg of stones.

IKI Kiuas Ltd has been producing furnaces since 1997. IKI makes its own stoves-heaters by hand with soul and dedication. Strong steel mesh frame, high-quality the steel of the chimney and the experience of Finnish craftsmen-all work together to guarantee durability, safety and beauty.600 public baths and saunas use IKI stoves, and more than 30,000 stoves have been sold since the company was founded.


Full heating in an hour.
It holds up to 120 kg of stones, 200 kg in the Plus version.
Increased vaporization.
Eco-friendly. It has the lowest indicators for the release of carbon monoxide compared to its analogues.
Roomy furnace.
Handmade by Finnish masters.
Ventilation of the furnace saves fuel.
In the Plus version, you can control the vaporization by feeding water to the lower part (hotter steam) or on the top (softer).

Possible modifications:

Glass or steel door to choose from.
On request, it is possible to produce a black mesh case.

"Stove-Makers Workshop": Buy a sauna stove for a sauna with delivery, installation and warranty by ☏ +380 (95) 903-35-05 

At the manufacturer's price

Tech characteristics:

Country of origin
Purpose of the stove
Stove heater for a wood-fired sauna
Fuel type
Steam room volume
up to 12 (cubic meters)
Furnace material
Industrial steel
Connection to the chimney
Remote firebox
The presence of glass in the door
Weight of the furnace without stones
55.0 (kg)
Weight of stones
up to 200.0 (kg)

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