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Buy cast-iron stove Brunner at the manufacturer's price. Consultation delivery installation of stoves from the Stove-Makers Workshop Kharkiv Kyiv Dnipro Ukraine.

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Buy a stove
Brunner Iron Dog 07
Kharkiv Kyiv Dnipro Ukraine

A company Brunner in an assortment has collection of the stoves made from cast-iron - the name of it is Iron Dog. The models of this line are done with the special care, for their making a company used cast-iron of own production. German quality in combination with an original design is simply deserved attention.

Description of the stove Brunner Iron Dog 07

One of representatives of collection is a stove Iron Dog 07. The construction of stove Iron Dog 07 is collected from high-quality durable materials. Fire-box chamber made from the special thermobeton, that provides yet greater durability and efficiency of stove. Due to a separate lateral firedoor stove more comfortable in the use, a door can be located on the left or on the right. In the underbody of heating the regulator of stage-by-stage serve of air is set by means of that it is possible to control burning. A stove is equipped by a cooking panel for preparation and heating of food. The surface of stove is covered by the special heat-resistant paint.

Advantages of construction of stoves Iron Dog

The carefully thought out system of inflow of air in a combustion chamber provides even and economy incineration of gases, appearing in result of pyrolysis, with the minimum exit of smoke gases and fireproof bits and pieces.

The primary receipt of air takes place on firewoods (1), due to what combustion is optimized in combustion chamber. A secondary inflow (2) clears glass, and also assists enriching of combustible gases oxygen before a smoke channel (3). Complete afterburner of smoke gases in the back-end of heating comes true due to tertiary air (4) that enriches them oxygen.

The system of control of a stove is very simple - control after a process takes place by means of one regulator (5). A high value of efficiency of a stove is formed due to the special system of circulation and large heat absorbing area.

To buy a cast-iron stove
Brunner Iron Dog 07 at the manufacturer's price

Delivery, setting of stoves, fireplaces from the Stove-Makers Workshop
on ☏ +380 (95) 903-35-05 Kharkiv Kyiv Dnipro Ukraine

Tech characteristics:

Country of origin
Rated power
7,7 (kW)
85,3 %
Heated area
Type of fuel
Types of solid fuels
Expense of fuel/hour
2,0 (kg)
Recommended length of firewoods
250 - 330 (mm)
Firebox material
Type of firebox
Traditional furnace
Firebox type
Method of opening the firebox door
lateral opening
The shape of the glass furnace
direct glass
Mode of operation of the furnace
Long-term Gorenje
Connection to the chimney
220 (kg)

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