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Italian modern stove-fireplace made of cast iron, steel and ceramics. 9 kW, EFFICIENCY of 87.6%. Blown glass, triple afterburning. Furnace lining - refractory ceramics-Aluker ® . Modern design, handmade majolica. Installation Kharkiv, Dnipro, Ukraine.

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    steel, cast iron, ceramics Aluker®
    8 colors


    stove, firebox


A modern stove-fireplace from Italy. 

Stove-fireplace Kharkiv 
Piazzetta ROUND H Hermetic
Kharkiv Dnipro Poltava Ukraine

Wood-burning stove Piazzetta ROUND H fireplace in majolica finish, with natural convection and radiant heating for rooms up to 230 m3.

Wood-burning stove fireplace with original features, also in two-color design with alternating surfaces, plain or decorated with geometric motifs.

Facing of the stove - fireplace with majolica in Bianco, Ardesia, Grigio Cerato, Rosso Lava or two-tone Bianco Grigio / Terra Cotta and Bianco / Ardesia.

The door with curved glass is flush. Front adjustable deflector.

Blowing of the ceramic glass of the stove-fireplace. A constant flow of air along the heat-resistant ceramic glass, resistant to temperatures up to 750 ° C, helps it stay clean, providing an excellent view of the fire.

The stove-fireplace has a hermetically sealed door with glass for viewing. Made of heat-intensive materials, the Piazzetta ROUND stove-fireplace model ensures long-term heat transfer even after completion of gorenje.

A version with an electronic fire Control Burn Control System (BCS) is also available for the fireplace stove.

Large panels of majolica, ceramics baked using special technologies, covered with colored glaze, not only give the Piazzetta fireplace oven an attractive appearance, but also act as a heat storage, heating up from the furnace part and evenly distributing heat into the room, even after the fire is no longer burning.

The furnace's gorenje chamber is lined with ALUKER ® , a refractory ceramic material that optimizes the combustion process and heat distribution. ALUKER ® has exceptional energy-saving properties and increased resistance to high temperatures, ensuring safe use, easy maintenance and durability. At the same time, its a light shade makes the fire brighter.

Buy a Piazzetta ROUND fireplace stove, 5-year warranty, delivery in Ukraine. 

The system is pure glass. Oven doors with heat-resistant ceramic SCHOTT ROBAX ®   

The doors of the furnace furnace are made of a solid steel profile, in which the heat-resistant glass-ceramic SCHOTT ROBAX ® is mounted. Glass ceramics, thanks to a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, can withstand temperatures up to 750°C. According to the company glass ceramics SCHOTT has been installed in 35 million fireplaces and stoves. Glass ceramics reflect up to 35% of the heat into the combustion chamber of the fireplace, thereby increasing the temperature burning wood and makes it possible to enjoy the view of natural fire from a close distance in comfortable conditions.
A constant flow of air along the heat-resistant ceramic glass, resistant to temperatures up to 750 ° C, helps it always stay clean, providing an excellent overview of the fire.

High fuel efficiency of the Piazzetta Bonny fireplace oven.

Tests carried out in the laboratories of the Piazzetta plant show that Piazzetta wood-burning stoves provide a long burning time before re-burning Gorenje bookmarks of firewood. Up to 6 hours of gorenje furnace with one bookmark of firewood.

An elegant, efficient, economical fireplace oven from Italy with a 5-year warranty.

The Piazzetta manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty for fireplace inserts and stoves. Many years of experience of the specialists of the research department in the development of new heating solutions are focused on achieving the ideal performance ratio, safety and structural strength. These values ensure a long service life and your peace of mind when using Piazzetta products.

Additional oven options.

Multifuoco System - forced ventilation system. This is a technical solution that allows you to provide comfort and constant warmth. The system distributes heat in one or several rooms, and evenly-from floor to ceiling.

Multifuoco System Plus - innovative electronic control. An additional set with four-level forced ventilation with an electronic remote control. Distribution of warm air at a distance of up to 10 m.

"Workshop of stoves": Buy a fireplace oven from Italy in Kharkiv with delivery, installation and a 5-year warranty; ☏ +380 (95) 903-35-05 
Kharkiv Dnipro Zaporizhia Poltava Sumy Ukraine

Modern elegant Italian oven at the manufacturer's price

Tech characteristics:

Country of origin
Rated power
9 (kW)
Efficiency ratio
Fuel Type
Types of solid fuels
Solid fuel consumption
2.2 (kg/hour)
Furnace material
Steel, Cast Iron, Aluker ® Ceramics
Type of firebox
Traditional firebox
Furnace Type
Method of opening the furnace door
Horizontally to the side
The shape of the firebox glass
Number of windows in the door
Glass cleaning system
Blowing the glass with an air stream
Operating mode of the furnace
Long-term gorenje
Water Contour
The presence of a gate
Triple combustion chamber
Air intake into the furnace
Connection to the chimney
Upper, Rear
Weight with HSS
318.0 (kg)
Warranty period
60 (months)

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