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    Stone talcum magnesite




Tulikivi AKKO heat storage oven
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Kharkiv Poltava Dnipro Ukraine

manufacturer: Tulikivi Stoves

Very large oven door, made in the version with two glasses and the technology of cleaning the surface air a layer of soot, allows you to enjoy the contemplation of fire and at the same time does not worsen the thermal characteristics.

AKKO stoves are offered with a versatile design in time, whose rounded corners are in harmony with the soft warmth of a stone oven.

The S narrow body models are not offered in the Tulikivi AKKO series.

The Tulikivi AKKO furnace model is also available in the 2D version, - the double-sided model allows you to divide the space the room and watch the flames of the hearth from both sides.

Akko Tulikivi stoves are available in the following finishes: CLASSIC, CLASSIC/GRAFIA, CLASSIC/NOBILE, CLASSIC/NATURAL.

For 2D models, there are two possible heights: 18 and 21.

Option polishing stoves, the Tulikivi AKKO:

  • Grafia - finishing the oven in the Modern style with a beautiful stone pattern;
  • Classic - AKKO stone furnaces with classic Matt sanding;
  • Nobile - dark stone, classic sanding;
  • Natural - decorative inserts of natural stone without processing.

Large cast-iron door with double glass allows you to reduce heat radiation through the door and at the same time safely enjoy the beauty of the fire from different sides of the room. Blowing the furnace glass with air avoids soot contamination.

Useful information: the W10 System allows you to direct up to 45% of the heat to a low-temperature water heating system and distribute the heat energy flow of the burned fuel more evenly. Check with the Manager for availability of the function for the selected model.

Stove Models Tulikivi AKKO, KARELIA Collection

Dimensions, WxDxH, mm Firebox, Wxg, mm Weight, kg Energy intensity, KWh Efficiency, % Cost, EUR
Classic 15
Base vent
1100(1250) x 550 (610) x 1635 470 x 345 1660 41,9 84 8 234
Classic 18
Base& Top vent
1100(1250) x 550(610) x 1935 1990 \ 1880  54,3 85 9 154
Classic 21
Base& Top vent
1100(1250) x 550(610) x 2235 2320 \ 2170 67,7 85 10 074
Grafia, Nobile15
Base vent
1100(1250) x 550 (610) x 1635 1660 41,9
84 8 487
Grafia, Nobile18
Base& Top vent
1100(1250) x 550(610) x 1935 1990 \ 188054,3 85 9 407
Grafia, Nobile21
Base& Top vent
1100(1250) x 550(610) x 2235 2320 \ 2170
67,7 85 10 327

AKKO 2D-buy double-sided heat storage furnaces Tulikivi - Kharkiv Poltava Dnipro Zaporozhye Ukraine

A wide model with side channels and a two-way firebox will divide the room into zones, allows you to enjoy the play of flames from anywhere in the room on both sides of the fireplace. There are two possible heights.

Stove Models Tulikivi AKKO 2D, KARELIA Collection

Dimensions, WxDxH, mm Firebox, Wxg, mm Weight, kg Energy intensity, KWh Efficiency, % Cost, EUR
Classic 18
Base& Top vent
1100(1250) x 550(610) x 1935
470 x 345 1990 \ 1880  54,3 85 10 235
Classic 21
Base& Top vent
1100(1250) x 550 (610) x 2235
2320 \ 217067,7 85 11 155
Grafia, Nobile, Natural 18
Base& Top vent
1100(1250) x 550(610) x 1935
1990 \ 188054,3 85 10 488
Grafia, Nobile, Natural 21
Base& Top vent
1100(1250) x 550 (610) x 2235
2320 \ 2170
67,7 85 11 408

Buy Tulikivi oven made in Finland with delivery and warranty at ☏ +380 (95) 903-35-05
Kharkiv, Poltava, Dnipro, Zaporozhye, Ukraine

manufacturer: Tulikivi Stoves

At the manufacturer's price

Tech characteristics:

Country of origin
Rated power
1.9-2.2 (kW)
Efficiency ratio
84.0 - 85.0(%)
Fuel type
Max. quantity of firewood
12-19 (kg)
Heating area
50-90 (m2)
Types of solid fuels
Firewood, pellets
Heat transfer time
100% 6.1-8.0 (hour)
50% 18.1-23.0 (hour)
25% 28.8 - 41.0 (hour)
Firebox material
Stone talcum magnesite
Type of firebox
Traditional furnace
Firebox type
Number of panes in the door
Glass cleaning system
Blowing the glass with a stream of air
Mode of operation of the furnace
Long-term Burning
Air intake to the furnace
From the external environment
Connection to the chimney
1660.0 - 2320.0 (kg)
Warranty period
up to 60 (months)

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