Dovre TAI 35WT cast iron stove in Kharkiv


Buy a cast-iron stove in Kharkiv with delivery, installation, warranty of 10 years at ☏ +380 (95) 903-35-05 Kharkiv Kiev Dnipro Zaporizhia Poltava Ukraine

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    Width (мм)
    Height (мм)
    Deep (мм)
    85 kg


    Cast Iron




cast iron stove kaminofen burzhuyka

Buy stove in Kharkiv 
Dovre TAI 35WT, Ukraine 
10-year warranty, installation, connection 
Kiev Dnipro Zaporizhia Poltava Ukraine

Cast iron stove - Dovre TAI 35WT - your durable cast iron stove with an exquisite design, for a private home, for a room and for a cottage.

The Dovre TAI 35W stove is an extremely efficient and reliable heating device with a modern design, air-blown glass, a convenient snap-on handle with an innovative locking mechanism.

The oven is made of cast iron, with insert and vent additionally thermally protected vermiculite. Dovre TAI is a modern cast-iron firebox weighing 85 kg, equipped with double afterburning of fuel and thermal efficiency reaches 80 %. The cast-iron stove allows you to supply the chimney through the back wall or from above.

Manufacturer of stoves and furnaces Dovre from Belgium is known in the world market of heating appliances for more than 70 years, it is an example of the production of advanced heating devices and offers 80 models of furnaces and stoves on the world market. DOVRE stoves:

  • Beautiful modern design of stoves and furnaces Dovre;
  • Absolute reliability safety of use, proven for years and confirmed by a ten-year period guarantees for furnaces and furnaces < b>Dovre;
  • Excellent technical characteristics of stoves and fireplace inserts, including double afterburning of fuel, high efficiency of the heating device, minimum fuel consumption;
  • Stoves and fireplace inserts Dovre have excellent environmental characteristics, confirmed by European laboratories.

Cast - iron stove-bourgeoisie Dovre TAI 35W - ideal for those who dream heat your home with a live fire for many years and do not worry about its safety, cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Tech characteristics:

Dove (Dovre)
Country of origin
Rated power
7.0 (kW)
80 %
Cooking surface
85 (kg)
Dimensions of the furnace, HxWxD
785x520x400 (mm)
Diameter of the chimney
150 (mm)
Connection of the chimney
Air supply
Firewood, up to 35 cm
Furnace Material
Cast Iron
Thermal protection of the furnace
Firebox windows
Straight, with blowing
Secondary afterburning technology
10 years

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