Bath stove KASTOR SAGA 20


Finnish stove Kastor SAGA created for true connoisseurs and admirers of bath traditions, sale and installation are available in Kharkov, Kiev and throughout Ukraine.

€ 1,095


    Width (мм)
    Height (мм)
    Deep (мм)
    Сhimney diameter (мм)




The classic Finnish sauna stove Kastor SAGA 20 is designed for true connoisseurs and admirers of bath traditions, for those who are not satisfied with little. 

Kastor SAGA-stove again with the nature, its need understand and correctly "cooked." 

We do not recommend installing this model with a power reserve-this will lead to an imbalance of temperature in the steam room and on the stones. The air will heat up faster than the stones, and when the stones gain the optimal temperature for "giving in", the temperature in the steam room will be too high. 

Kastor SAGA is more inertial, takes longer to heat and cools down more slowly, but the steam also produces more-the open surface creates waves of soft and comfortable steam. "Stove-makers Workshop" offers for sale, installation and installation of sauna stove Kastor SAGA 20 in Kharkov, Kiev, Zaporozhye and throughout Ukraine.

Tech characteristics:

Country of origin
Rated power
18.0 (KW)
Purpose of the furnace
for baths and saunas
Fuel type
Steam room volume
20.0 (cubic meters)
The material of the furnace
Connection to the chimney
Presence of glass in the door
Types of solid fuel

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