Sauna heater for sauna-FinTec Arthur - buy in Kharkiv Dnipro Ukraine - for sauna baths steam rooms on wood


Sauna heater for sauna-FinTec Arthur - buy in Kharkiv Dnipro Ukraine - for sauna baths steam rooms on wood ☎ +38 (095) 903-35-05 ❤ Delivery in Ukrain

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Sauna heater FinTec - the aesthetics of a classic bath-a wood-fired sauna.

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The FinTec sauna stove is an excellent choice for those who appreciate not only the opportunity to steam and improve their health in bath procedures, but also appreciate the very aesthetics of a classic sauna.

FinTec sauna stoves from Germany express a special attitude to life, evoke comfort and warm memories. That is why wood-burning stoves for baths have been popular for many years and are a true cultural asset for many peoples.

FinTec is one of the leading German companies operating in the sauna market since 2001 and offering high-quality sauna products: German Premium-class stoves. production, stones from Finland and a large range of related products. FinTec products are the basis for creating a good sauna.

All FinTec Standart-class wood stoves have flue gas control, which, on the one hand, significantly increases efficiency and has a positive effect on firewood consumption, on the other hand, the operating temperature in the sauna is reached faster. In addition, the control of flue gases makes it possible to clean the furnace through special holes. The exhaust pipe can be connected both horizontally and vertically.

All models of FinTec Standart-class wood stoves comply with the German BImSchV law, are equipped with chamotte stone, which increases the efficiency and heat-saving power of the furnace. The FinTec Iwo Trend wood-burning stove is designed for saunas with a volume of up to 25 cubic meters and is characterized by a good price/quality ratio and a modern, concise, universal design.

Advantages of the FinTec Arthur oven:

CE marking;
❤ the volume of stones is 180 kg;
the thickness of the furnace walls is 6 mm;
the length of the furnace is 47.5 cm;
door with heat-resistant glass;
connecting the chimney from the top/rear;
it has 2 cleaning holes in the upper part of the combustion chamber;
complies with Law 1. BImSchV (Stage I);
cleaner combustion process without dust emission.

"Stove-Makers Workshop": Buy a sauna stove for a sauna with delivery, installation and warranty by ☏ +380 (95) 903-35-05 

At the manufacturer's price

Tech characteristics:

Country of origin
Heat output
17.5 (kW)
Purpose of the oven
A stove for a sauna and a wood-fired bath
Fuel type
Solid, firewood
Steam room volume
up to 25 (cubic meters)
Furnace material
Connection to the chimney
Remote firebox
The presence of glass in the door
65.0 (kg)

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