Buy Wild Flame bio-fireplace in Kyev Kharkov Ukraine

buy biofireplace wild flame bio-fireplaces Ukraine Kiev Kharkiv

Wild Flame bio-fireplaces beauty and diversity

Wild Flame Bio-fireplaces are easy to use and do not require additional ventilation or air outlet, because the fuel used is bioethanol, which burns without smoke and soot. You will only enjoy the warmth of the fire and its beauty.

Wild Flame produces a wide variety of models of bio-fireplaces, from desktop to wall-mounted, as well as automatic and semi-automatic bio-fireplaces. Using European spare parts allows us to produce the highest quality products at reasonable prices. We offer products for individual orders, for example, we can make a bio-fireplace as a corporate gift, which will be a wonderful and memorable surprise.

Wild Flame company specializes in the production of premium bio-fireplaces. All products are manufactured in accordance with the highest standards of quality.

Biofireplace Markam-Маунт-Хей

Buy Fireplace with Ukraine Markam mount hay delivery guarantee installation mounting Kyiv Kharkiv Fireplace Markam mount..

€ 840

Biofireplace Markam-Тенорио

Buy Fireplace with Ukraine Markam Tenorio warranty delivery installation installation Kyiv Kharkiv Fireplace Markam Teno..

€ 1,280

Biofireplace Wild-Flame-Автоматический-биокамин

Buy Fireplace with Ukraine Wild Flame Automatic gas fireplace warranty delivery installation installation Kyiv Kharkiv W..

€ 3,000

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