JC Bordelet Ukraine designer fireplaces made in France

JC Bordelet - the creators of extraordinary fireplaces

Jc Bordelet is named after the talented designer who began creating unusual stainless steel fireplaces in 1976. By successfully combining bright colors and original shapes, the designer has formed his own style, which over time has become popular among buyers around the world.

Jc Bordelet's impressive experience in metal processing and innovation has allowed Jc Bordelet to carve its niche in the field of metal fireplaces. The design of JC Bordelet fireplaces initially stunned consumers - it was so different from what other manufacturers suggested. In 1982, the company made a splash by introducing a pendant-style open hearth in bright blue. Since then, Jc Bordelet has continued to break the stereotypes of modern home furnishing.

Jc Bordelet is the only company that specializes in the creation of complete fireplaces. It does not sell separately claddings and fireboxes, but offers a wide range of fire-resistant paints that allow you to change the appearance of the hearth.

Jc Bordelet is one of the most innovative companies in the world thanks to original design solutions and high technological skill. All models represent a single structure equipped with a smoke damper, grate and ash box. These fireplaces can be installed near a wall or in the center of the room. Jc Bordelet models are not traditional. Each of them is distinguished by a wonderful harmony of form and content. The originality of fireplace models will not leave indifferent creative and energetic people.

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