Iki sauna heater stoves in Ukraine

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Iki stoves-handmade stoves in Kharkiv, Dnipro, Ukraine

IKI Kiuas Ltd has been producing furnaces since 1997. Iki makes its stoves by hand with soul and dedication. A strong steel mesh frame, high-quality steel of the chimney and the experience of Finnish craftsmen-all work together to guarantee strength, safety and beauty.

IKI furnaces were manufactured, are being manufactured and will be assembled only in Finland and only manually.

For thousands of years, steam was made in the same way — a pile of stones was heated, the heat from which was transmitted to the sauna. They added water and got steam. In our time, electric furnaces have appeared. A steel case, heating elements, some stones and as a result a little steam. They are practical and compact, but something is missing.

 Buy iki oven kharkiv ukraine-wood-fired sauna heater in Kharkiv Dnipro Ukraine

IKI furnaces take the best of two approaches. We respect ancient traditions and heat the sauna using a large number of stones. Instead of solid metal surfaces, we use a steel mesh. The chimney pipe is twisted in a spiral, as much as possible in contact with the stones.

In the Iki sauna heater, the heat comes from the stones, not from the metal, so the steam from the IKI stoves is soft, hot, rich in oxygen, healthy and long-lasting.

"Stove-Makers Workshop": Iki Ukraine-handmade sauna stoves from Finland are now in Kharkiv and Dnipro at ☏ +380 (95) 903-35-05. The experience of three generations of stoves.

IKI wood-burning sauna stoves are suitable for both private and commercial use. When designing and manufacturing wood-burning sauna stoves, we attach great importance to quality and functionality. 600 public baths and saunas use IKI stoves, and more than 30,000 stoves have been sold since the company was founded. 

In addition to external differences, IKI furnaces have increased efficiency and heat transfer.

The main reasons are a roomy furnace and a curved chimney. This design allows the chimney pipe to come into contact with the maximum number of stones and heat them.

Even if you stop throwing fuel, the stones will continue to emit heat.

Finnish sauna stove Mini-IKI in Kharkiv Ukraine

Finnish stove heater Mini-IKI for sauna . Sauna Heater Oven  Mini-IKI (120 kg of stones)  Kharkiv Dnipro P..

€ 1,815

Finnish sauna stove Mini-IKI Plus in Kharkiv Ukraine

Finnish stove heater Mini-IKI Plus for sauna . Sauna Stove  Mini-IKI Plus (200 kg of stones)   Kharkiv Dni..

€ 2,016

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