Assembling and installation of stoves, fireplaces in Ukraine.

Installation of a fireplace insert is an important and crucial step in the installation of a fireplace. From that. How correctly selected and mounted the structure depends on the further safety of operation, as well as the productivity of the furnace and the quality of heating. In order not to make a mistake, entrust the installation to professionals!

The stove workshop offers installation and finishing services for open and closed fireplace inserts at the best price in Ukraine. Our company’s specialists will help you choose the right components, make the necessary calculations and ensure the efficiency and safety of your fireplace or stove.

Steps for assembling a fireplace and installing a fireplace insert

Fireplaces, stoves, fireplaces: sale, installation and maintenance: Kharkov, Kiev, Dnipro, all Ukraine.  Preparation. The first thing you need to take care of - the consistency of the installation modules - is a fundamental factor in the proper operation of the fireplace or stove. Therefore, the installation begins with a site inspection and evaluation of the pre-installed system. It’s optimal to invite stove-makers even before laying the foundation of the house - in this case, the installation will become completely trouble-free. At the construction stage, it is possible to strengthen the foundation in a given place, provide an efficient air supply, and lay an extremely safe pre-furnace site. Ready-made housing is being modernized according to the project, but this is a more time-consuming task.

Installation of the supply system. Ensuring air flow is an important component, because without sufficient oxygen the fuel will not burn as expected. As part of this phase, an air channel is designed and installed.

Installation of a fireplace insert. The actual installation of the combustion chamber and related elements. The finished firebox is installed on a prepared frame or other fireproof design. After that, the duct and chimney are connected.

Finishing, during which the fireplace or stove takes on an aesthetic appearance.

Installation of fireplace inserts at the best price in Ukraine


The stove workshop offers its customers high-quality installation of fireplace inserts at the best price in Ukraine! Our team is stove-makers with enormous professional and life experience.

We guarantee:

  • Quality: an official written guarantee is provided for all services;
  • Reasonable cost: we strive to ensure that services are consistent with the price and quality of European;
  • Individual approach: installation is made taking into account the characteristics of each individual project.
  • Services in Kharkov, Kharkov region, in Kiev, throughout Ukraine.


To order the installation and decoration of a fireplace insert, leave a request on the website or contact us by phone in Ukraine. We will be happy to answer all questions, we will focus on the price and provide comprehensive advice.