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Buy a fireplace, firebox, kaminofen or bio-fireplace in Ukraine

"Stove Maker's Workshop" is engaged in sale of fireplace inserts of the European brands; installation of fireplaces with an open hearth, braziers, Russian stoves, stoves for baths and stoves for heating of premises throughout Ukraine. If you are planning to buy a fireplace or stove, purchase a fireplace, sauna stove, or Russian oven for cooking or heating the house, qualified craftsmen from the "Stove Maker's Workshop" will provide you with advice on site, will help you you need to choose the right equipment, quality and on time will carry out installation and installation. We provide a full range of services for qualified selection, sale and installation of fireplaces, stoves , kaminofenovand bio-fireplaces the most famous European brands' Brunner Ukraine, Shmid, Spartherm, Sergio Leoni, Nordica, Markam, Kratki, Planika, Wild Flame in Kiev, Kharkiv and throughout Ukraine.

Official representative of the German company Brunner in Ukraine

Our employees are high-class specialists working in the field of manufacturing and installation of fireplaces and stoves for more than a decade and having experience in this field, obtained from older generation. We are the official representatives of a German manufacturing company steel fireplace inserts and furnaces of premium class BRUNNER which occupies a leading position in quality throughout Europe.

According to their purpose, all furnaces are divided into two categories: heating and heating-decorative. In a house where the fireplace is not the main source of heating or is used from time to time in the fall and in the spring, in a small room, a heating and decorative furnace will be quite enough. If you need a constant source of heat, for example, for a bath, it is correct to consider a full-fledged heating device. A house with a large heating area and a branched roof requires special scrupulousness in the choice the system of rooms, because you can always light a small fire in a large fireplace, and get a large fire in the a small furnace is almost impossible. And if the selected fireplace will not heat the area entrusted to it, significant additional costs and frustration are inevitable.

It's a small matter - to determine what material should be made of the fireplace insert. You can buy: cast iron and steel furnaces with lining. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Cast furnaces, of course, seem more solid and reliable, although the key when choosing should not be itself the word "cast iron", and its quality, as well as design features of the furnace. In addition, keep in mind that cast-iron furnaces are sensitive to sudden temperature changes and mechanical influences. Fireplace inserts from steel at first glance seems short-lived, but it is not. Their interior is finished with materials, resistant to high temperatures. 

Kaminofen will give comfort and warmth to your favorite room

"Stove Maker's Workshop" also offers in Kiev, Kharkiv and all over Ukraine a full range of high-quality and proven in operation aminophenol  leading European brands Spartherm, Nordica, Invicta with furnaces made of cast iron and steel, able to organically decorate the room and warm its inhabitants with its warmth.  Kaminofens - fireplaces are best used in individual rooms where you need to create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

Bio-Fireplace will decorate the design of any room

If you are a resident of a city apartment and the conditions do not allow you to install a fireplace, kaminofen or furnace in an apartment house, the "Stove Maker's Workshop" offers you to buy modern, elegant, eco-friendly and easy to use bio-fireplace which will decorate the design of any dwelling. Bio-fireplace brings an atmosphere of comfort in the room thanks to the natural flame., absolutely harmless biological fuel. Bio fireplaces-modern, high-tech, absolutely harmless and modern substitute for a classic fireplace, kaminofen or furnaces in conditions when installing them or installation is not possible. "Stove Maker's Workshop" offers to buy bio fireplaces leading European brands Planika and Wild Flame in Kiev, Kharkiv and throughout Ukraine, and will also provide all necessary consultations and services on selection of the most suitable bio-fireplace for you and its installation and installation in your room. Modern bio fireplaces can be designed as a classic one, among other things fireplace portal, as a built-in countertop burner, as an ultra-fashionable steampunk mobile solution. The choice is yours, and "Stove Maker's Workshop" will always help you optimally choose a successful and proven solution.

Everything you need for fireplaces, stoves and bio-fireplaces

"Stove Maker's Workshop" also offers to buy everything you need for fireplaces, stoves and bio-fireplaces in Ukraine-fireplace sets, wood chests, firewood baskets, fuel for bio-fireplaces at the best prices in Ukraine in Kharkiv, Kiev and throughout Ukraine.