"Workshop of stoves" - Warranty obligations.

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 Guarantee.   On the product that You purchase in the online store "Workshop of stoves» the manufacturer's warranty extends from 12 to 60 months, depending on the product. Confirmation of the warranty is a product receipt, a warranty certificate manufacturer's or Seller's coupon. Keep these documents for the duration of the warranty.

Warranty obligations are fulfilled in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "on consumer protection". 

If during the warranty period defects were found in the product, contact the Manager of the online store at any of the phone numbers specified on the site or send an email to info.masterpech@gmail.com with contact information the customer and a description of the fault.

After receiving the application for the installation site purchased in our online store the product is sent to a specialist who conducts an examination to determine the cause breakdowns are caused by the manufacturer or as a result of improper operation. If the expert examination determines that the failure was caused by the manufacturer, the product is subject to warranty repair. The warranty repair period is 14 days. If the parts required for repair are missing and must be ordered, the repair time is increased by the waiting time for these parts.

In cases where the failure occurred as a result of violation of operating conditions, the product removed from the warranty and further repairs produced at the expense of the buyer.

The Product is removed from the warranty if:

  • there is mechanical damage;

  • operation rules violated;

  • unauthorized opening, repair, or modification of the product design was performed;

The Warranty does not apply to:

  • natural wear and tear;

  • accidental damage;

  • damage caused by careless use, under the influence of liquid or foreign objects;

  • damage caused by natural disasters;

  • damage caused by power surges or an incorrect connection to the power supply. If the product purchased in our online store needs to be connected to the power supply;

  • damage caused by improper use.

Exchange, return the product within 14 days after purchase

According to article 9 Of the law "on consumer protection", the buyer has the right to 14-day period after purchase to return or exchange the product that did not fit him at the time of purchase any of the grounds.

Please note! in this case, only the new product is subject to Exchange/refund, which was not in use and has no traces of use: chipped, scratches, scuffs.

Must also be saved:

  • complete set;

  • package integrity;

  • labels;

  • factory marking;

  • product receipt.

To return/exchange products, contact the Manager of the online store by any of the phone numbers specified on the site or send an email to info.masterpech@gmail.com with the customer's contact information.

The Product is sent to the service center by the carrier Novaya Pochta (address informs the Manager of the online store). If you are located in Kharkiv, you can return the product to the pick-up point.

Services of delivery of goods from the Buyer to the Seller and from the Seller to the Buyer in the case of exchange of goods, as well as from the Buyer to the Seller in case of return of the goods are paid by the Buyer.