Kobok fireplace-configuration options

Kobok Kharkiv-configuration Options-Maxterskaya Pechnikov

Kobok fireplaces Kharkiv
Options for the complete set of the fireplace manufacturer from Slovakia

manufacturer: kobok Fireplaces Kharkiv

Kobok produces steel fireplace inserts and stoves, tiled fireplaces and modern finishing materials high quality since 1993, from the first years of production maintaining a high level of technological innovation..

  1.  Buy Kobok Kharkiv-options for completing the glazing of the fireplace door-Maksterskaya Pechnikov

    One of the features of Kobok fireplaces is the options for making viewing glass. Standard flat fireproof glass, rounded panoramic glass, front prism glass and corner viewing glass allow you to select a necessary option even for the most demanding customer.

  2.  Buy Kobok Kharkiv - options for the standard ashtray fireplace-Maksterskaya Pechnikov

    Standard ashtray. In the basic configuration, the standard ash box for the ashes of KOBOK fireplaces is located inside the furnace chamber under the grate.

  3.  Buy Kobok Kharkiv-configuration Options outdoor ashtray fireplace-Maksterskaya Pechnikov

    VOP-Outdoor ash pan. When this option is selected, the external ash tray will be placed in the front part of THE kobok firebox.

  4.  Buy Kobok Kharkiv-configuration Options height of the fireplace base-Maxterskaya Pechnikov

    ZO - height of the base.The KOBOK fireplace ZO option makes it easy to install the firebox in a low-level fireplace portal.

  5.  Buy Kobok Kharkiv-options for completing the convection casing of the fireplace-Maksterskaya Pechnikov

    DP-Convection casing.The DP option of the KOBOK fireplace is an installable outer casing to facilitate the connection of external air ducts and convenient distribution of air heated by the fireplace to other rooms.

  6.  Buy Kobok Kharkiv-configuration Options SO segmental chamotte of various colors for the fireplace KOBOK-Maksterskaya Pechnikov

    SO-Segment chamotte of various colors. Possibility to use a set of horizontally oriented segment chamotte plates of different colors. SO - beige, SOT - brown, SOB - white, SOC - black. The desired color can be selected to your taste, depending on the needs of the room.
    Gorenje chamber is lined with high-quality, 50 mm thick chamotte slabs that perfectly accumulate heat and protect the metal from exposure high temperature.

  7. Buy Kobok Kharkov - Options configuration SM glass modern for the fireplace KOBOK - Masterskaya Pechnikov

    SM-modern Glass. Modern glass is an option for making a fireplace when the glass is superimposed on the profile the loading door and fireplace seem visually larger and more modern.

  8.  Buy Kobok Kharkiv-DS options second glass for fireplace KOBOK-Maksterskaya Pechnikov

    DS-Second glass. Double glazing of the loading door. This function is suitable for families with children, because it reduces the temperature of the outer glass, this function is also possible with modern glass.

  9.  Buy Kobok Kharkiv-DSM configuration Options second glass in modern design for kobok fireplace-Maksterskaya Pechnikov

    DSM-Second glass modern. Double glazing of the loading door in a "modern" design.

  10.  Buy Kobok Kharkiv-configuration Options PD additional doors for the fireplace KOBOK-Maksterskaya Pechnikov

    PD-additional doors. Loading door at the back of the firebox. It is convenient to use if Your house has a furnace room and firewood is loaded from it, to avoid putting garbage in the fireplace room.

  11.  Buy Kobok Kharkiv-configuration Options KR decorative frame around the door

    KR-decorative frame around the door. the Decorative frame around the loading door covers the technical gaps between the fireplace door firebox and fireplace lining. There are several manufacturing options: A, B and C. There is also a difference in the production of a decorative frame on the sides of the door - 2S, on three sides of the loading door - 3S and around the door - 4S.

  12.  Buy Kobok Kharkiv-configuration Options for mounted heat accumulator

    AZ-mounted heat accumulator. to increase the heat capacity, the Kobok fireplace insert can be equipped with special hinged panels. The kit includes handles for attaching panels.

  13.  Buy Kobok Kharkiv-configuration Options APT TV heat exchangers

    APT-ring heat exchanger. TV-water heat exchanger To increase the heat capacity of the Kobok fireplace insert can be equipped with special hinged coils. The TV water heat exchanger is used for heating water for Central heating of the house. In this case the efficiency of the heat system increases more than 80%.

  14.  Buy Kobok Kharkiv-configuration Options O VD through furnace with guillotine system

    O - through double-sided firebox. TV - vertical lift system of the door " guillotine"

  15.  Buy Kobok Kharkiv-configuration Options PO1 VP2 handles

    PO1 - base handle. MP2 - modern loading door handle.

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