Dovre Ukraine - Cast iron stoves - Fireplaces and fireboxes - From Norway

Dovre Ukraine-Buy fireplace inserts, cast iron stoves, installation Kharkiv Kiev Ukraine

Dovre Ukraine - Cast iron stoves - 
Fireplaces and fireboxes - from Norway

Scandinavian quality. European design. Best prices.

Dovre (Dovre)- a well-known European leader in the production of heating equipment offers for apartments, houses and cottages at reasonable prices with a 10-year warranty:
  • Cast-iron stoves of classic and modern design, excellent thermal performance, wood-fired, coal-fired, gas or multi-fuel;
  • Fireplaces, fireplace inserts, elegant design, high heat capacity, energy-saving technologies, gas, firewood, coal, multi-fuel.

Based on many years of experience and Norwegian traditions in the assembly of high-quality heating appliances, this brand Dovre produces more than 80 models of stoves, among which everyone can choose the perfect design for themselves. Dovre fireplaces and stoves are rightly considered the best in Europe. Choosing products of this brand, you get warmth, safety and excellent appearance of the stove or fireplace, which is also characterized by high reliability and long service life.

Among the model range of the manufacturer Dovre (Dovre), the most popular are the lines of Fireplaces - fireplace inserts / cassettes Dovre CBS и CBC, which differ both in size and in technical parameters. Also, cast-iron fireplace stoves Dovre ROCK, BOLD, TAI, SENSE, VINTAGE are in great demand among the European buyer, since in addition to the standard modification, some of the stoves are equipped with fans designed to increase thermal efficiency. Among Dovre fireplaces and stoves, there are models that support multi-fuel mode.

For all products, the manufacturer gives a ten-year warranty, and the team of "Stove-Makers Workshop" will professionally help you choose a set of necessary equipment for your needs, carry out delivery and professionally carry out the installation of a fireplace and a turnkey stove.

"Stove-Makers Workshop" will perform the facing of fireplaces and stoves on a turnkey basis quickly, accurately, with a quality guarantee.

Turnkey from "Stove-Makers Workshop": Buy fireplace furnace stove Dovre with delivery, warranty, project, installation and necessary cladding according to ☏ +380 (95) 903-35-05
Kiev, Kharkiv, Poltava, Dnipro, Zaporizhia, Sumy, Ukraine

Buy stove fireplace Dovre from "Stove-Makers Workshop" in Kiev, Kharkiv, Poltava, Zaporozhye, Sumy, Dnipro

At the manufacturer's price

Fireplace Kharkiv-Dovre 2575 CBS 1-cast iron firebox

Cast iron fireplace, art nouveau style with wood Buy a fireplace in Kharkiv Dovre 2575 CBS1, Ukraine Installation and..

€ 1,650

Fireplace firebox Dovre 2180 CBC Kharkiv Kiev Ukraine

A modern fireplace from Norway. Large cast-iron fireplace with wood. Buy a large fireplace-firebox Dovre 2180 CBC Khar..

€ 1,520

Buy fireplace Kharkiv-Dovre 2180 CBS-cast iron firebox

Cast iron fireplace art nouveau style Buy a fireplace in Kharkiv Dovre 2180 CBS, Ukraine Warranty installation firepl..

€ 1,550

Buy cast iron stove stove Kharkov - Dovre ROCK 350 TB ( White / Black Grey )

cast iron stove kaminofen burzhuyka Buy oven in Kharkiv  Dovre ROCK 350 TB, Ukraine  10-year warranty, i..

€ 1,480

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